Udariyaan 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update


Udariyaan 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Udariyaan 2nd September 2022 Episode starts with Jasmin saying we will sleep now, come. Naaz says everyone is going on the trip. Jasmin says I promise, I will send you next time, I don’t have money. Fateh comes to Nehmat.

He sees Tejo sleeping. Nehmat says you have to do weight lifting now. Fateh lifts Tejo. Jasmin talks on call. She says I want to get a job to fulfil my daughter’s dream. Naaz sees the money in Jasmin’s purse.

She says why did she lie to me. Jasmin says I don’t want to ask money to my dad. Naaz says she lied to me, she is bad. She takes the money. Jasmin comes inside the room. Naaz acts sleeping and turns to sleep. Fateh brings Tejo to their room. She holds his hand. She opens eyes and smiles.

He says you do this intentionally. She says yes, else how would you lift me. He shuts the door. He says what can I do now, after lifting much weight, good night. She asks for his phone. He gives it. She plays a song. Teri awaargi….plays…. She pulls him for a dance. They get romantic.

Its morning, the kids meet at school. Nehmat and Aykam argue. Naaz also comes for the trip. Nehmat smiles. Tejo tells Biji about Naaz. Biji says maybe you and Nehmat have some relation with her. Tejo says she was just behaving like Jasmin. Gurpreet says don’t take her name here. Shelly comes and greets.

She says my friend got prasad, so I got it for you, I have seen Jasmin in the market. Tejo gets socked. Gurpreet says she is in Canada. Shelly says Lovely and Satti’s reaction was ditto when I told them about Jasmin. Tejo says she is in Canada, if she had come here, then she would have met us, have tea, sit.

Shelly says no, I will go, Armaan would be crying. She goes thinking something is wrong, they all are shocked hearing Jasmin’s name. Nehmat asks Naaz did your mumma agree. Naaz says yes, I gave the trip fees and teacher allowed me. Nehmat says this time no fight. Mallika says I don’t like her.

Gurpreet says I don’t like her, did your parents tell something about Jasmin, does she know about Nehmat. Tejo says Shelly doesn’t know much about Jasmin, now I feel maybe she knows something. Fateh says that’s why Tejo and I told you, we will tell the truth to Nehmat. Tejo says yes, if she knows it from outside, then she will be hurt, we should tell her the truth soon else she will lose trust on us.

Nehmat and Naaz enjoy the trip. Mallika gets angry seeing them laugh. Aykam smiles seeing Nehmat. Jasmin checks the purse. She looks for the money. Rupy comes home. Jasmin asks him to sit, how is everyone.

She says if Tejo saw me, then it would have been a big problem. He says you are talking of this, by getting Naaz’s admission in Nehmat’s school. They argue. He asks her to shift to Chandigarh, he took a flat there.

She says I got Naaz’s admission here, she is happy in that school, you want to snatch it from her, why. He says you are making me helpless, I m doing this just because of your daughter. She asks what do you want to show, that we are having food because of the money you gave me, I can’t live life according to you,

I m not old Jasmin to think about myself, I have to think about Naaz, I will stand on my feet and live with esteem. He says don’t say such words, you can’t handle it, you are talking of self esteem, you are so selfish, I know you have come to burn Tejo and Nehmat’s happiness.

Tejo is at the college. Fateh comes and hugs her. He says I got pasta for you. She says I m having tension. He says everything will get fine. She says I m tensed about Nehmat. He says I m saving you from Nehmat, kids are smart these days. She says yes, if she finds about Jasmin then.

Rupy says Tejo gave a good upbringing to Nehmat, she doesn’t have your qualities. Jasmin thinks she isn’t my daughter. She says you always sing praises of Tejo, I was always wrong for you. He says you always did wrong. She says fine, forgive me, I won’t run my daughter’s life as you want, we will stay here in Moga.

He says fine, I won’t help you from now, don’t forget that I don’t want to see you around Tejo and Nehmat, I will do anything it takes. He leaves. The light goes off. Jasmin says I didn’t pay the electricity bill, how will I buy the ration if I use this money, where did I get stuck.

She cries. Nehmat says my Dadi will come to pick me, my mumma teaches in a college. Naaz says my mumma has come, bye. Nehmat says I have to say sorry to her. Naaz thinks if Nehmat tells mumma that I went to museum, then mumma will not leave me.

Nehmat apologizes to Jasmin. Jasmin says its okay, I will get things for Naaz someway. She goes. Naaz thinks I got saved. Jasmin thinks Nehmat is just like Tejo. Fateh and Tejo come home. Khushbeer says we are with you in your decision that we should tell the truth to Nehmat. Fateh says but Tejo’s parents…

Tejo says I will tell them once we tell the truth to Nehmat. Gurpreet sees Amrik’s pic and says today your daughter will know that she is your daughter, I wish she goes on you. Jasmin gets the museum ticket in Naaz’s bag. She says it means Naaz has stolen the money. She gets angry and calls out Naaz.

Tejo and Fateh come to Nehmat. Nehmat says I don’t understand what to donate, all the gifts are given by the family. Fateh says think you are giving the family’s love also. He says we want to talk something imp. Tejo says we love you a lot, whatever happens, we will always love you. Fateh shows Amrik’s pic and asks you know him. Nehmat says yes, he is Amrik Chachu, he has become a star now. Tejo opens Jasmin’s pic and says she is….


Udariyaan 3rd September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Nehmat says I never lie, my mum and dad say that lying is wrong. Jasmin says then go and ask them, why aren’t they saying who are your real parents. Nehmat asks Fateh and Tejo am I not our real daughter.


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