Udariyaan 30th April 2021 Written Episode Update


Udariyaan 30th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Udariyaan 30th April 2021 Episode starts with Fateh meeting Bindra and lying that he is a govt lawyer, he has come to protect the law, its the unofficial work, his registry didn’t happen. Tejo and Jasmin hide and look on. Fateh says you can may go to jail, stop this illegal work. Bindra says but Jas told me, he took money from me. Fateh says tell him that registry office is shut, ask Vicky, I know him, you know it now, call Jas fast, put it on speaker. Bindra calls Jas and speaks to him. Tejo recalls Jas.

Bindra says lawyer has come from registrar office, he said we have to do registry. Jas says fine, I will come, keep payment ready. Fateh smiles. Jas says don’t tell anyone. Bindra says I won’t tell anyone, just come. Fateh drops Bindra’s phone. He checks Jas’ number. He asks is phone fine, okay I will leave. Tejo says Jas won’t leave his house, his game is over. Fateh asks what’s the plan, Jas will come, where is Jasmin. Tejo says she went with Abhiraj to get Dolly, Abhiraj’s drama teacher, she is getting a student, who will act rich, Jas will fall in the trap. He asks where is she. Jasmin come in Meera’s get up and says Dolly has sent me here. Tejo thinks she looks like Jasmin. Abhiraj and Dolly come. Jasmin removes the goggles and laughs. She says when you didn’t identify me, Jas won’t identify me. They say never.

Tejo says if Jas gets a doubt then… you won’t do this. She asks why not, I will do this, I will catch that fraud. Tejo says I won’t put you in danger. Jasmin says I m also responsible for all this. Abhiraj says your phone wasn’t working. Jasmin says my fate was bad, I will fix it now, I didn’t do anything for you all, don’t stop me now. They agree. Tejo sets a trap and asks Dolly to be careful. Fateh is also around. Tejo asks Dolly to take the papers. She says everything is in your hands. Dolly says I m worried about Jasmin. Tejo says I trust Jasmin. Jasmin is also there. Fateh takes a disguise of a peon. Jasmin comes and asks do I look good. Fateh says I don’t want to become a peon. She laughs.

Jasmin asks Tejo not to worry, take care. Fateh says I don’t want to go anywhere, I will stay close to you, this is your new phone, this is your new number, remember it, be careful. He goes. Tejo sees Jas coming. Jas calls Bindra. Bindra looks for his home. Abhiraj says I have your phone. He gets Jas’ call. Abhiraj messages him that car is punctured, he will need time to come, go and sign first, sorry. Jas gets the message.

Abhiraj calls Tejo and says I have messaged Jas from Bindra’s phone. Fateh says he is coming. Tejo asks Dolly and Jasmin to get ready, all the best. Dolly speaks to Jasmin. Jas sees Jasmin and hears her talk. Jasmin says we have many land properties. Dolly and Jasmin start acting. Jas meets them. Dolly asks him to sit. Fateh records the video. Jas says I have less time where to sign, Bindra will take time to come. She says not an issue. Jas tries to talk to Jasmin and impress her. Dolly asks are you married or not. Jas says I m single. He acts sweet. Dolly asks him to sign. Jasmin drops the sketches. Jas asks what happened. Dolly replaces the papers. Dolly signs Jasmin. Fateh asks Jasmin to make the wig proper. She tries. Fateh thinks Jas may see that.

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