Udariyaan 30th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Udariyaan 30th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Udariyaan 30th August 2022 Episode starts with Nehmat and Aykam complaining to the PT Sir about each other. Sir makes them apologize, and asks them to go. Aykam and Nehmat argue again. Mallika stops them. She says he is my bro, Aykam.

She introduces Nehmat as her best friend. Aykam and Nehmat refuse to play with each other. They go away. Mallika asks Nehmat to listen to her. Nehmat says I don’t want a brother, but a sister, a sister never fights. Naaz asks will dad take us from here, will we stay here. Jasmin says we will stay here. She recalls Yash and his mum. She cries.

Naaz asks her to say, they won’t go to bad dad and bad Dadi. Jasmin says no, we won’t go anywhere, this is our new house, we will stay here, come, finish the parathas soon. Jasmin asks Lord to forgive her. Shelly sings Ranjha song.

She gets ready. Lovely asks her to come, Tejo has come. Shelly says now entire family will chant Tejo’s name. Tejo cooks food for the family. She says I don’t get time because of Nehmat, I came to meet you Bebe.

Satti hears Rupy talking on call. She asks who are you settling. He asks what. She asks did you get a Sautan for me, get her home, I will leave the house. He scolds her. Tejo asks him to calm down. He says I m helping some needy, she thinks that… Shelly says he has an affair, poor Satti. Rupy says she is like my child, she has a little daughter like Nehmat.

He recalls Naaz. He thinks I m doing this for that girl, else I would have not let Jasmin stay in this pind. Naaz gets scared and hugs Jasmin. Naaz says you will teach me here, won’t I go to school, won’t I have friends. Jasmin says forget everything, you will go to school, study and make friends, you will play also, smile now. She hugs Naaz.

Nehmat says I don’t want to have friendship with Aykam. Aykam gives a water proof band aid to Nehmat, and goes. Nehmat throws it. Mallika says it’s a big thing that he gave this, come home, I will make you get friendly with him. Nehmat says my foot. Jasmin gets Naaz to the school. Naaz smiles seeing the school. A kid pushes her. She falls down. Nehmat goes to help her.

She sees Naaz’s wound and runs to pick the band aid. She helps Naaz. Naaz thanks her. They smile. Nehmat runs to her teacher. Jasmin asks how did this happen, who applied this band aid. Naaz shows Nehmat. She says she doesn’t know me, even then she gave her bandage to me. Jasmin says her mum and dad would have taught her good things. Tejo comes there. Guard calls out Jasmin. Jasmin turns away and goes. Tejo hugs Nehmat.

Tejo asks how did this happen, did you fall down. Nehmat says yes, I fell down, I didn’t fight anyone. Tejo says I didn’t ask you, who did you fight with. Nehmat says Mallika’s brother Aykam, he joined school today, he is an idiot, I don’t want a brother, brothers always fight. Naaz says the school is so good.

Jasmin sees the fees structure. She says the fees is high, I will get your admission in some school girl. Naaz says please, I want to study here, not anyone else. Tejo asks Nehmat to stay away from fight. Jasmin sees Tejo. She thinks to talk to Tejo. She recalls Rupy’s words and turns away. Naaz asks what happened, why are we hiding. Jasmin says nothing, come with me. They leave.

At home, Tejo asks Nehmat to have kulfi. Nehmat says no, I want to have it with dad. Tejo says he will come in 2 days. Nehmat asks with whom will I practice boxing. Khushbeer comes and says with me, I will fight with you. Tejo praises him and says wow, when did you start this. He says I just came to cheer her, Gurpreet did this. Nehmat comes wearing the gloves. Khushbeer jokes.

Nehmat says we will have a boxing round. Tejo says all the best. Nehmat punches him. She says I won. He asks Gurpreet are you happy now. Khushbeer says boxing suits Fateh, we all will play cricket, come. The family plays cricket.

Jasmin comes home. She sees Nehmat with the family. She imagines Naaz with them. She says if Naaz gets love from Tejo and family, then she will never lose her path, Naaz should study in the school where Tejo’s daughter studies, I will make Naaz study in the same school.

Its morning, Naaz likes the uniform. Jasmin says it looks good, come. She combs her hair. Naaz says it will be fun. Jasmin says yes, you will learn new things there, study well. Rupy comes there. He thinks to go in. Jasmin says we were already getting late, I couldn’t make parathas, go and get bread from the shop, I will make sandwich, come soon. Naaz goes out. Rupy sees her. He says her uniform is like Nehmat.

Rupy goes and scolds Jasmin. He says Tejo and Fateh have made their world with Nehmat, the girl who you left after giving birth, stay away from Nehmat, your daughter won’t study in Nehmat’s school. Jasmin looks at him.


Udariyaan 31st August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Tejo says I m scared that Jasmin can come back. Shelly says I have seen Jasmin today. Rupy worries. Jasmin meets Nehmat.


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