Udariyaan 3rd July 2021 Written Episode Update


Udariyaan 3rd July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Udariyaan 3rd July 2021 Episode starts with Fateh and Tejo coming to the academy. They smile. He says dad likes people who move on and want to become something. She says I m just keeping my friendship. He takes her to the gym. He says this is the special place for me. She asks him to practice and show. He says you let it be, you will get hurt. She says I m not so weak, come on. He asks sure. She says yes. He hits the punching bag. She falls in his arms. He says see the result of challenging me. She says fine, I won’t challenge, I m not scared, my friend is a boxing champ. They laugh. He gets busy. Jasmin sees Fateh. She sends a note for him. Fateh asks who gave this. Fateh sees Jasmin. He gives the note to someone else. He leaves from there.

Jasmin comes home. Satti asks her to have some food. She asks what happened, is there anything, tell me. Jasmin says nothing, I m fine. Satti talks to her about Gippy. Jasmin says let me sleep, go and switch off the lights. She cries. She goes to have water. She imagines Fateh saying I have move on with Tejo, I m very happy. She says no one can leave me like this, you will be my coming tomorrow, its enough now, this is not the time to cry, but to get Fateh, I can do anything for him. Fateh and Tejo work in the academy. He says we shall have food now. She says yes, we can’t have lunch together every day. He asks why, you can come here after college, we will have lunch and discuss plan. She smiles. She asks him to have food now. He asks what’s this, just parathas and pickles. She asks him to try it, pickles are yummy. He likes it. He asks her to keep the pickles, they will have it every day.

He gives the ledger. He says I can’t manage the accounts. She asks why shall I do your work. He says because you are my life partner. She smiles. She thinks Fateh is trying to move on, I hope Jasmin doesn’t do anything. She goes home. She talks to Satti. She says I came home to take a file, I m going to college now, everyone has gone to Gurudwara, Fateh has started working. She sees Jasmin at the door. Jasmin says I have come to talk to you. Tejo says I don’t want to talk, you may leave. Jasmin asks won’t you call me inside. Tejo says you have done much drama already, go from here, you want someone to see you here and scold me. Jasmin says you know I say anything in anger. Tejo says please go from here. She goes. Jasmin says Tejo isn’t listening, how will get Fateh now, I have to do something.

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