Udariyaan 3rd September 2021 Written Episode Update


Udariyaan 3rd September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Udariyaan 3rd September 2021 Episode starts with Fateh and everyone dancing on the music. Fateh comes to Tejo. He holds her close and asks how did you like my surprise, you thought I won’t come. He hugs her. They dance. Deepti asks why are you dancing alone. Tejo laughs. The man says every couple will come on the stage, they will perform and tell their feelings. Tejo claps for the couples. The man says lets welcome Mr. Fateh Singh Virk. Tejo looks for him. He comes on the stage. She smiles. He says I want you to meet my wife, she is my best friend, she knows everything about me, my love is with me, I would like to call my lovely wife, Mrs. Virk. Deepti asks Tejo to go. Tejo and Jasmin smile and go towards the stage. He holds Jasmin’s hand. Tejo stops there and looks on shocked.

Fateh kisses Jasmin’s hand. Fateh and Jasmin dance. Tejo looks at them. Fateh says meet my wife, Mrs. Jasmin Singh Virk. He says I love you Jasmin. Jasmin says I understood real love after meeting Fateh, it happens just once, I love you Fateh. He lifts her and says I love you Jasmin. She says love you too. He says I will declare in front of the whole world, I love you. Tejo falls down. Jasmin kisses on his forehead. Tejo cries. Fateh and Jasmin dance on Raat baaki…. Tejo gets up and steps back. She cries. Kismat kismat…..plays… Fateh hugs Jasmin. Everyone claps for Fateh and Jasmin. Tejo goes away and cries seeing them. Tejo runs out of the party hall. She sits crying. She thinks of Jasmin and Fateh. She runs. She stops and cries. Jasmin says this is my life’s best day, I don’t want to leave you and go. He says its a matter of few days. She says the ring is so beautiful, its cute, you gift me a big ring when we go to Canada. Fateh recalls Tejo’s words. Tejo is on the way. She cries.

Fateh asks didn’t you like it. Jasmin says I was just trying to say that I can tell everyone that my husband loves me a lot, if the ring is big. He says I didn’t know love is known by the ring size. She says its tough to explain you, when are you booking the flight tickets. He says tomorrow, I can’t wait for it. She says you are fulfilling my dreams, thanks. He says go now, before anyone sees us. She says its Sweety’s house, there is no one to spy on us, nobody will know. Tejo comes home. She thinks of Fateh. Khushbeer asks how was the party. She says good. He asks is everything fine, where is Fateh, did you talk to him, when is he coming. She recalls her marriage with Fateh.


Udariyaan 4th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Jasmin gets Tejo’s call. Tejo says I want to meet you, I have a surprise for you. She calls Fateh and says I have to meet you to talk something imp. She gets a gun from the drawer.


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