Udariyaan 4th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Udariyaan 4th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Udariyaan 4th August 2022 Episode starts with Aman saying I m Candy’s dad. Jasmin thinks who is he. Aman says you all got shocked, Simran, I want to have the tea prepared by you, you know how much I love sweets. Simran recalls Aman torturing her.

Candy comes and asks for his toy. Simran asks him to go inside. Aman says let me meet him, he is just like me. He gives chocolates to Candy. Candy says mummy said we shouldn’t talk to strangers and take anything. Aman taunts Simran. He says I m not a stranger, I m your… Tejo says shut up, stay away from the child.

She asks Mahi to take Candy inside. Jasmin thinks Tejo interferes in every matter. Aman shouts I m Candy’s dad. Fateh holds his collar. Everyone stops Fateh. Tejo scolds Aman. She asks by what right did you come to take your right today. Aman says this is called beauty with brains, you have asked the right question, but I will just answer Simran, in private. Fateh asks Aman to leave.

Tejo asks Fateh to call police. Khushbeer says yes, I will call the police. Simran says don’t call the police, we can’t trust him, he can cause harm. Aman says you call the police, Fateh you beat me, everyone would know that your unmarried daughter was carrying a child, the entire village will spit on your face,

call the police, get me arrested, beat me. Buzo comes and asks Simran why are you crying, who is he. Aman says I was waiting for you, I m original, you are duplicate. Buzo asks what nonsense. Aman says I m your second hand wife’s first hand lover, Candy’s dad, its not my mistake, she got pregnant and ran away.

Buzo scolds him. Simran says it’s a lie. Aman asks what’s the truth, tell me. He says I pity you, Buzo, who handles someone’s child, I love you yaar. Buzo says stop nonsense. Aman asks Buzo to see the DNA report.

Fateh and Tejo check the positive DNA report. Tejo asks how did you get the test done without a sample. Aman says Candy disappeared that day, remember. He recalls giving a chocolate to Candy and pulling a hair strand. He asks Simran to say something. Simran shouts, yes, he is Candy’s biological father, how does it matter, I made a mistake, Buzo and I are Candy’s parents.

She asks Fateh to throw the disgusting man outside. Aman says beat me. Tejo says you think you will become Candy’s dad by showing this DNA report, sorry, you got late, now Simran is Buzo’s wife, get lost. Fateh asks Aman to leave. Aman says you beat me, my case will become strong. Tejo stops Fateh. Fateh signs Buzo.

They both lift Aman and take him out. Aman pushes them and locks the door from outside. Simran stops them. Khushbeer asks Simran to take care of Candy. Fateh says we have to file a FIR. She says no, he will take my Candy away. Tejo says he is just scaring us, police can make him right, let them go.

Fateh and Buzo go the terrace way. Tejo talks to Fateh on call about the FIR. She asks Fateh to take care of Buzo and himself, everyone is with Simran. Jasmin thinks its good Fateh’s focus won’t be on me. Tejo sees Jasmin at the door. She asks are you okay. Jasmin says I want to eat something spicy, make pakodas and imli chutney for me. Tejo says I will make it, I promised the baby, I will take care of you.

She goes. Jasmin says I can do bad with you, you can never leave your innocence, my emotional sister. Tejo talks to Satti on call. Satti asks is Jasmin living well. Tejo says yes, don’t worry. Simran comes. Tejo ends the call. She asks Simran shall I make something for you. Simran says no, I was restless so came to help you. Simran recalls Aman, and cuts her finger. Tejo asks her to be careful.

She takes care of Simran’s cut. Jasmin comes and asks for pakodas. Tejo says no, you have acidity problem, so I made paneer bhurji, take this. She goes. Jasmin says they will kill me by feeding me healthy things. She gets a call. She thinks its Yash’s call. She answers. The girl says its me, Nikki,

I have come to Punjab, I married a German guy. Jasmin says I remember. Nikki says I want to meet you, I have kept a party, all the friends are coming. Jasmin says fine, I will come. She ends call. She says I will get good food in the party, how shall I go, I have to convince someone.

Fateh and Buzo come home. Simran asks what happened. Fateh says we filed the FIR, police said they will get Aman in custody. Buzo asks Simran not to worry. Simran says you don’t know him, he is a disgusting man, I can’t even tell him what he did with me, I was so blind, he showed his true face after going to Canada, I didn’t know that he will be a devil. She recalls a guy touching her hand.

Aman scolds her and asks her to keep his friend happy. Tejo asks why did you tolerate this. Simran says it wasn’t easy for me, think of my situation, I had to get punished for my mistake, so I didn’t tell anything, I had no money to come back. FB shows Simran asking Aman for money for the food. Aman asks her to ask her dad.

She gives her bangles and says get some food, please. She says he lost those bangles in gambling, I didn’t have any option, I used to go to Gurudwara and have langar food, when I said I want to go home, he used to beat me every day. Gurpreet, Fateh and Khushbeer cry.

Simran says someone helped me, I got a chance to teach kids online, I saved money and bought the ticket, I m scared, he is a criminal. Tejo says you are brave, you have taken a step and came back, don’t know why girls dream of going abroad. Simran says I came from there, I couldn’t abort my baby, I didn’t want my baby to become like that devil, he can’t love anyone, he wouldn’t come for Candy, his motive would be different,

what does he want now. Tejo says don’t get scared, no one can snatch Candy from you, we will handle Amanpreet, take care of yourself and Candy. Fateh says he will be behind bars soon, I will be with you, I won’t leave you alone. He hugs Simran. He thinks Jasmin is already a problem, and now this Amanpreet.


Udariyaan 5th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Tejo says Jasmin isn’t answering the call. Jasmin feels pain in her stomach. She is admitted in the hospital. Doctor says due to heavy internal bleeding, your miscarriage happened. Jasmin is shocked.


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