Udariyaan 5th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Udariyaan 5th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Udariyaan 5th July 2021  Episode starts with Jasmin saying Tejo has gone with Gippy to order the food. Jasmin tries to talk to Fateh. He says I came to get keys from Tejo. He asks her to have food instead misunderstandings. He recalls her words. She says we sat on that table, we had started our love journey here. He recalls. She says then you told me that you can tell about my likes and dislikes, I remember everything. He says right, everything was of your likes, me too. She says you aren’t any thing. He says I wish so, because things are used and thrown. She says you used to tell that you love me, you can’t live without me, you forgot me in few weeks.

He says strange, you remember everything, I thought you would forget me and my name, I wasn’t able to find my name in your eyes on the day of marriage, if I could, then I would have burnt this coffee shop along with the bitter memories. He gets up to leave. Tejo and Gippy come with the food. Tejo says Fateh, you here. Fateh says you have the academy keys in your purse, have your phone, you leave it anywhere. Gippy says so Tejo, he is your better half. Fateh says no, she is my best half. Gippy says I liked it, I m Gippy, come, we will chill. Fateh says not today, I have some work. He asks Tejo to come to academy soon. Tejo nods. Fateh leaves.

Tejo goes after him. He says I m fine, we will have lunch together, don’t eat much here. She smiles. He leaves. Jasmin says did Jasmin really move on, did he forget me, no, I can’t let this happen. She comes home. Satti says Tejo liked Gippy, Mami should fix the alliance. Jasmin says no, Gippy doesn’t want to rush with marriage, he wants to meet me often, he wants to be satisfied. Mami says he met Tejo. Jasmin says he just met Tejo today, not Fateh, I m not a kid, Gippy needs some time to understand this, what’s the problem, its better to meet him and know him, I don’t want any drama in my marriage. Satti says fine, you can take time. Jasmin goes.

Fateh wakes up. He looks for Tejo. Tejo is having noodles at night. Fateh scares her and laughs. She asks why did you wake up. He says I was feeling hungry, I was also going to make noodles. She asks him to have it. He jokes that her children won’t have any complains with her. She looks at him. He says I just told you my sorrow, breakup and problems, I didn’t ask you anything, I hope I m not late, tell me, what kind of guy would you like if I didn’t come in your life. She says someone who became my strength, who gave me respect, who always supported me, like you supported me wen everyone stopped me from doing the job, the guy who doesn’t stop me from cleaning. They laugh.

He says I feel light today. Khushbeer comes and asks who is there. Fateh and Tejo hide and laugh. Dada ji asks who is it. Khushbeer says no one. Tejo sees Fateh and smiles. Satti says everything is fine between Tejo and Fateh. Rupy says yes, but my heart says that Jasmin won’t let them stay in peace, I m scared thinking that Jasmin will chain Tejo’s feet. Its morning, Jasmin and Gippy are on the way. Jasmin sees Tejo and Fateh going on their bike. She says its my place. Gippy says easy. Jasmin races the car. He asks her to slow it, bike is in front, hit the brake. Jasmin knocks them out. Gippy asks what did you do.

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