Udariyaan 5th June 2021 Written Episode Update


Udariyaan 5th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Udariyaan 5th June 2021 Episode starts with Jasmin asking will you support me, do you still love me. He nods and hugs her. He smiles. Abhiraj holds him and calls him out. Fateh looks at everyone. Tejo comes. Bebe says I will get kheer for Tejo. Abhiraj says Fateh is behaving weird. Jasmin says I slept for long, why didn’t anyone wake me up. Fateh sees Jasmin. Jasmin comes to Fateh and Tejo. She greets them and acts normal. She gets Preeto’s call. She says my sister and her husband have come. She goes. Tejo thinks why is she making Fateh more upset.

Fateh sees Jasmin and gets sad. She says tell me if you need anything, I m always here to help. She goes. Fateh asks for Tejo. Satti says she went to get her things. He says please call her. Bebe asks Fateh to have kheer. Rupy says whatever Jasmin did. Fateh says I don’t want to talk. Tejo packs her stuff. She cries and thinks of Fateh. She says I wish I could stay here and sleep on this bed. Jasmin comes. She says I really feel bad for you, I wish dad told me everything. Tejo asks do you still feel bad for me, not for Fateh, you know what you did with him, you broke his heart, his love and wishes. Jasmin says you still worry for him more than me, he is your best friend, sorry, he is your husband now, right. She cries. She says you aren’t seeing what he did with me, he also broke my heart, dreams and hopes, he did that for himself, not for me, I just asked him to get a job, he couldn’t give it. Tejo says you ruined his life. Jasmin says it was my dream, dad made many promises to mummy, he couldn’t fulfill it. Tejo says its our matter. Jasmin says it was always between Fateh and me, unfortunately, you came in between.

Tejo says not unfortunately, its because of your foolishness and adamancy, what’s such a dream which breaks hearts of two lovers, Fateh can never love me, he loves only you. Rupy says its not Tejo’s mistake, take care of her. Fateh says you and Jasmin don’t know that you ruined two lives. He goes home. He recalls Jasmin. Tejo gets her bags. She recalls … Jasmin asks why did you marry Fateh and sacrifice your life, its your mistake. She says if you had refused for the marriage, maybe he would get a job and come to me. Tejo says no, you couldn’t understand his love. Jasmin says you don’t know how much he loves me. Tejo says my life got ruined because of your love. Fateh looks on. Tejo says I regret that you don’t realize this a bit. Their pic falls and breaks. Tejo sees Fateh there. They leave. FB ends.


Udariyaan 5th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Gurpreet says we have kept a puja for you and Fateh. She gives a saree to Tejo. Tejo wears that saree and comes for the puja. Fateh angrily throws the water on Tejo. He says its Jasmin’s gift. Jasmin burns all the gifts and says Fateh’s chapter is closed for me from now.


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