Udariyaan 5th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Udariyaan 5th September 2022 Episode starts with Nehmat getting her drawing book. She says I have made this for you. Tejo says its really beautiful, I didn’t see this before. Nehmat says I have made this at the school, teacher asked me to make the drawing of my fav thing, you both are my fav, this is our love circle, no one can come inside this.

Tejo stops Fateh. She says give this drawing to me, I will frame this. They hug. Nehmat asks why is your heartbeat so fast. Tejo says because we are in circle of love. Fateh asks Nehmat to go and freshen up. She goes.

Jasmin asks Naaz what is this, did you steal. She says you want everyone to call you a thief. She scolds Naaz. Naaz asks why are you angry, I didn’t steal. Jasmin says you are lying, you have stolen the money, I kept the money to pay the electricity bill, so we didn’t have light in our house, everyone will think that I taught you to steal.

Naaz says I didn’t steal. Jasmin asks how did you get money for the museum ticket. Naaz says Nehmat is good, she gave me the money. Tejo says Nehmat is innocent, we will tell her later. Fateh says if Shelly tells her.

Tejo says no, I will ask mum and dad not to do this. Jasmin asks how did Nehmat get so much money. Naaz says Nehmat’s mum saw me crying and sent the money, I didn’t ask her. Jasmin gets angry and asks her to go out and play.

She says how dare Tejo gives money to my daughter, I don’t need anyone’s help. Aykam sees Nehmat and says thank God, you are doing some sensible work. Mallika says you got your entire cupboard, I didn’t get my barbie set, its too precious. Jasmin asks Naaz to return the money to Nehmat. Nehmat goes to Naaz. Mallika gets angry.

Nehmat asks did you give the old thing to Naaz to donate. Jasmin says no, she has nothing to donate. Nehmat says mumma says that we donate things and our love also reaches them. Tejo says you are like your mumma, you lecture always and irritate, you say something that you insult Naaz and me. Nehmat says sorry, I don’t understand. Jasmin scolds her.

Nehmat says I was just saying we should help. Jasmin says you call donation as help, you gave Naaz’s trip fees to her. Nehmat says no, I never lie, my mum and dad tell that lying is bad. Jasmin says you go and ask them, who are your real parents, go home and ask them, whose daughter are you. Nehmat cries. Jasmin leaves. Nehmat thinks of Tejo and Fateh. Nehmat comes home.

Tejo and Fateh surprise Nehmat, by showing the painting framed. Tejo asks is it good. Gurpreet says ask her why is she so silent, she didn’t tell a word. Fateh asks what happened, did anything happen at the school. Tejo says tell me, your problem will get solved. Nehmat asks are you both not my real parents, am I not your daughter. Everyone is shocked.

Nehmat asks are you not my dad, are you not my mumma. She asks them to answer. Tejo and everyone cry. Gurpreet says you are just like your mum and dad, so you are their daughter. Biji asks how did you think this, they love you a lot, you are their daughter. Nehmat asks them to say. Fateh holds Tejo’s hands. They sit down. Tejo says you know we really love you, you are our world, our life, we all love you a lot. Nehmat asks Fateh to say the truth.

Fateh says we are really sorry to hide the truth, you aren’t our daughter. Jasmin recalls Tejo and Fateh. She says I won’t let my daughter bear the punishment of my mistakes, I will tell everything to Naaz. Tejo says you are our life, what if you didn’t come from my tummy, child and parents relation is of heart. Fateh asks Nehmat to listen to their heartbeat, close eyes and feel.

Nehmat gets angry recalling Jasmin’s words. She goes. Tejo and Fateh ask her who told this to you. Nehmat says Naaz’s mumma told me that you both lied to me. Naaz asks Jasmin where did you go. Jasmin gets a bag. She gets an album. She thinks I will give a good family to Naaz, Rupy will do this for her, not by pity, but because its her right.

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