Udariyaan 6th July 2021 Written Episode Update


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Udariyaan 6th July 2021  Episode starts with Gippy asking Tejo is she fine. Jasmin says sorry Fateh, are you fine, I was driving, I didn’t do it intentionally. Tejo asks him is he fine. Jasmin says so sorry Tejo, it was a mistake. Tejo asks are you sure that you did it by mistake. Jasmin says you think I m so bad to do this intentionally. Tejo says I need to talk. Jasmin asks her to say. Fateh asks Tejo to come, Jasmin’s drama is never ending. They leave.

Tejo comes home. She asks for Jasmin. Satti says she went to meet Gippy. Jasmin calls Dilraj and asks for Tejo. He says she will leave before dinner, come and meet me. Jasmin says call me when she leaves, do as I say. Bebe asks how is your family and Fateh. Tejo asks her to read her face and say. Bebe says I wish you are blushing, you and Fateh are getting close. Tejo says its wrong. She laughs. Rupy comes. Tejo hugs him.

He says I got peace seeing your smile. Satti says he just worries for you. Tejo asks for kachoris. Satti goes to make it. He asks Tejo did Fateh accept her as wife. She says I don’t know, he will just respect this relation, he also wants to move on. He asks is Fateh talking about Jasmin. She says no, things will get fine. Jasmin is with her friend Vicky. She gets Dilraj’s call. She says Tejo just left, okay. She asks Vicky to leave, Gippy is coming. He goes. She drinks something. She calls Tejo. Tejo says why is Jasmin calling me, she is with Gippy now. She answers. Tejo asks where are you Tejo, please come here.

Tejo worries and asks driver to take her to the highway. Jasmin walks drunk. She comes in front of Tejo’s car. Tejo gets shocked. She asks where is Gippy, you went in a party with him. Jasmin says he went back to his pind, everything is over, he broke my heart, he thinks there is something between Fateh and me, he broke the relation. Tejo asks why, we met Gippy well. Jasmin says no, he isn’t cool, everyone will say its my mistake, my relation broke, my dream also broke. Tejo hugs her.

Everyone dines. Gurpreet complains about Tejo. Nimmo asks did she run away again. Fateh says Tejo was leaving from her home when I spoke to her. He thinks where is she. Tejo takes Jasmin to the cafe. She goes to order coffee. Jasmin acts. Fateh calls. Jasmin smiles and says Fateh will come here. He calls again. Tejo answers and says sorry, I had promised that I will come till dinner, actually, there is some emergency with my friend, please explain aunty. He asks is everything fine, shall I come. She says its okay, I will manage, sorry. The man says your black coffee…. Fateh hears this.

Khushbeer asks Amrik to work in academy with Fateh. Amrik says no, Tejo is with Fateh there. Khushbeer says she helps him, she is your Bhabhi. Amrik says I can’t call her Bhabhi, I won’t go to academy. Fateh asks what did Tejo tell you. Amrik says nothing, who is she to decide for our house and business, you have a problem with it, you are behaving rudely with me since Tejo came. Fateh says I m done, Amrik doesn’t need to come to academy if he can’t respect Tejo. Amrik says I don’t want to come. Khushbeer asks them to respect elders sitting there and stop the argument. Jasmin says everyone left me, you, Fateh and Gippy also, I m very bad, I won’t go home. Tejo asks where will you go. Jasmin hugs her and says sorry. Tejo brings her home. Jasmin says I can’t tell them about Gippy, you go home, forgive me. Tejo leaves. Jasmin cleans her face. She does her makeup. She comes happy. Bebe asks how was the party with Gippy. Jasmin says it was good, I m feeling sleepy. Mami asks did you really go to meet Gippy.

Jasmin asks what do you mean. Mami says Gippy’s mum had called, she said he went out with his friends, either she is lying or Jasmin. Jasmin argues. Satti asks her to talk with manners. Jasmin says she just knows to doubt, I don’t know what Gippy told his mummy, maybe he doesn’t want to tell his family about me. Mami says call Gippy, make me talk to him, I will ask him where was he, what happened now. Jasmin worries.

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