Udariyaan 6th May 2022 Written Episode Update


Udariyaan 6th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Udariyaan 6th May 2022 Episode starts with Tejo asking why did you do this with me, you tried to kill me. Fateh asks what. She says don’t act, don’t be around me, stay away from me Fateh. She goes. He goes after her. Angad says I knew it, you are Tejo,

just Fateh can make you admit the truth, I will see how you get saved from me. Fateh asks Tejo to listen to him once. She says no. He holds her close and says I m very happy seeing you alive. She says you got another chance to kill me, right. She goes.

He stops her and asks do I want to kill you. She says you have come to kill me, fine, kill me. He asks will I kill you, what are you saying. She scolds him. She says I know your and Jasmin’s truth now, I had seen you and Jasmin that day, you both tried to kill me, I was burning in the hall,

you both didn’t try to save me and just watched, I had the kerosene smell, I was running to save my life, no one came, I had seen someone with a hoodie who ignited the hall, why did you do this. Fateh asks why would I kill you, listen to me. She says ask yourself, you always wanted Jasmin, you both tried to kill me.

He asks what are you saying, I would like to give my life for you. She says I have seen it. He says Jasmin and I don’t know, we were outside the hall, we didn’t see you, don’t do this. She says I m dead for you, I started my new life, let me live, stay away, I hate you. She cries and runs away. He runs after her. She leaves in the car. He worries.

Jasmin and Amrik are with Fateh. She asks what, does Tejo think we tried to kill her. Fateh says yes, she hates us. She says now I understood why she is running away from us, she is scared of us. He says why will we kill her, she said she had seen someone igniting the fire, it means it’s a planning, she thinks we did this.

Jasmin says we can’t do this. Fateh asks who can benefit from this. Amrik asks is it Angad. Jasmin says I don’t think so, Angad wanted to get Tejo, he was getting Tejo, but we have to find out who did this, we will go to Tejo and clear this, she thinks I did this.

Tejo thinks of Fateh and cries. She thinks life is strange, I m prepared for anything. Jasmin says come with us. Fateh says no need, she hates me, she was scared of me, don’t know what all she has tolerated, I will kill that man who did this. Amrik asks how will we find proof now. Fateh says I will find that man,

don’t know how Tejo saved herself from that fire, I won’t let her recall that moment. Amrik asks what if that man tries to kill her, we have to be with her. Fateh says yes, we have to make her believe that we want to save her.

Angad says I tried that you come to me, but you had to go to Fateh, not done. He recalls his evil planning to marry Tejo. He says I want to thank Fateh, now I got to know you are alive, Fateh will take you to India, I can’t let this happen, your chapter will end here. He shoots at Tejo’s pic.

Mahi gets Abhiraj’s sorry messages and smiles. She replies okay, I forgive you. Abhiraj says finally, you had to agree, your brothers aren’t here, it will be fun to convince you. Fateh stands outside Tejo’s house. Tejo sees the top secret savings box. She thinks its time to save this money. Lovely asks Abhiraj why is he happy.

He says I have done the work. She says Rupy misunderstands you. He says I will set him, don’t worry. Its morning, Fateh, Amrik and Jasmin follow Tejo and ask her to stop. Tejo leaves in the bus.

They follow her. Angad is somewhere. He says I have to end this chapter again. Tejo asks was it less what you did in India, get away, I will call the police. Jasmin hugs her. Tejo asks her to stay away. Jasmin asks her to listen to them first. Tejo scolds them. She says you and Fateh have hurt me.

Fateh says you were going from my life, why would I kill you. Tejo says you got to know the truth. Jasmin asks what truth. Tejo says I was going away by marrying Angad, you both would have not got blamed for the cheat, Lord had something else planned, so I got the pregnancy report in the last minute.

They get shocked. Fateh hugs Tejo. Angad says what happened to Tejo’s baby, maybe it got aborted, nothing happened to her. Tejo says you got scared when you knew about my baby, so you planned this, I got saved from that fire but couldn’t save my baby. They get shocked.


Udariyaan 7th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Tejo runs away. Fateh asks her to listen. She collides with Angad and asks him to save her from them, they want to kill her. Angad says its necessary that Tejo dies. Tejo looks on shocked.


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