Udariyaan 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Udariyaan 6th September 2022 Episode starts with Tejo asking Nehmat to open the door. Fateh asks her to be strong. Tejo says my daughter has locked herself inside. She cries. He says she got to know a big thing, she is a kid. She says she needs her mum,

I need to talk to her, please. She sits crying, Fateh consoles her. Nehmat cries. Rupy calls Jasmin. She doesn’t answer. He asks did she go mad, why is she not answering, she is going to do something, I will send her away from Moga. He gets her message.

Fateh says you gave your life’s 6 years, you loved her, she also loved you, no truth can change our relation, she is a young girl, she needs time to understand this, she will understand this, don’t worry. Gurpreet says she might be hurt. Biji asks Khushbeer to see if she opened the door.

He says let her be alone, trust her and our love, nothing will happen to her, she is strong. Jasmin says I m going to show you something today, it’s the right time now. Fateh says we are lucky that you are our daughter, Nehmat. Jasmin says you are very lucky that you have a big family, we have a big family, you should know it, everyone stays here. Naaz asks really, I want to meet them, come. Jasmin says not this way.

Naaz says they will get happy seeing me, you say that I m cute. Jasmin says no, you know them first, they will come to take us. Satti stops Rupy and says I know you are hiding something from me, tell me, what is troubling you. Rupy recalls Jasmin. She asks him to say.

He shows the message. She reads I don’t want to go to Chandigarh, don’t punish my daughter. She asks whose message is it. He says Jasmin. She cries and asks what, is she fine, is she in Canada, why did she write about Chandigarh, does she have a daughter. He says she has a 5 year old daughter, Naaz.

She cries. Naaz says Nani is so beautiful like you. Jasmin says this is my Bebe, Dilraj would have grown up now. Naaz says we have a big family. Jasmin says there are more people. She shows Tejo’s pic and says she is your Tejo Maasi. Naaz says she is Nehmat’s mummy. Jasmin says yes, she is your Maasi,

you know Tejo is so good, both the families are incomplete without Tejo, she will love you more than I do. Naaz says then Nehmat is my sister. Jasmin nods. She says Naaz is your sister. Tejo says you didn’t come from mumma’s tummy, but we love you a lot, how I know about your bad dream, so I come running to you. Nehmat sees the pic.

Jasmin tells Naaz about Tejo. Naaz asks how did you get away from Tejo. Jasmin cries. She says you were with me, when Tejo learns you are my daughter, she will love you a lot. Naaz asks why didn’t you tell her, you were in bathroom, she said she feels some connection with me, shall we call her.

Jasmin says no, we have to wait for Rupy. Satti asks how can you punish Naaz. He says I was helpless, she can poison anyone’s life anytime, she knows Nehmat is her daughter, if she claims her right on Nehmat, then Fateh and Tejo’s lives will shatter. Satti says I understand, I want to meet Jasmin and Naaz, Naaz also has a right on our love like Nehmat,

I won’t let Jasmin do anything wrong. Tejo says I will just come, she will share things with you, when you talk to her, tell her that we love her a lot. Fateh asks where are you going. Tejo says to that stone-hearted woman, I have to ask Naaz’s mum why did she hurt Nehmat’s heart, who is she, what enmity is she having with us. She goes. Naaz asks will Rupy come to take us. Jasmin says yes, promise,

Rupy and Tejo will come to take us, you are their blood, not Nehmat, I will get your right. Tejo is on the way. She thinks Nehmat isn’t my blood, but she is my daughter. Satti and Rupy come home. Naaz smiles and says Nani.

Satti hugs her and says you are just like Jasmin. Naaz says you are also pretty. She says Nanu, sorry from mumma’s side, I know you are angry that she left you and went to Canada, I promise she won’t anger you, I will also listen to you. He hugs her and cries. He says no, I should say sorry, I lied that I m not your Nanu, I m your Nanu, we love you a lot. She says I also love you all.

Fateh gets food. He looks at Nehmat and sits there. He says I m sitting outside, when you feel like talking, open the door, I will give all the answers. He says don’t know who is Naaz’s mumma. Satti asks where is your mumma. Naaz says she went for some work. Satti says she left you alone. Naaz says I m a big girl.

Satti says I got halwa, puri and chole. Naaz says wow. She says mumma will be happy seeing you, Nanu, she knew you will come. Rupy thinks. Naaz gives some envelopes and says mumma asked me to give this to you. He checks some letter. Tejo comes there. She calls out Naaz. She sees Satti and Rupy. She says you both here… Naaz says Tejo Maasi, and hugs her.

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