Udariyaan 7th June 2021 Written Episode Update


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Udariyaan 7th June 2021  Episode starts with Jasmin burning the gifts sent by Fateh. Abhiraj stops her. She says Fateh’s chapter is close forever then. Rupy stops her. He says you aren’t accepting your mistake, instead she is getting angry. He goes. Abhiraj says you are wrong, you didn’t think of Tejo, who loves you a lot, she had given this sacrifice for you. Jasmin cries. Gurpreet gives a necklace to Tejo. She asks her to wear a good dress, there is a puja after mu dikhai. Tejo says I don’t have new clothes, I got whatever I had at home. Gurpreet says Satti should have known it, she talks like she is very sensible. Nimmo says she didn’t know that Tejo will sit in the mandap instead Jasmin, we had bought these clothes for Jasmin, she can use these clothes, its of her now. Gurpreet says Jasmin used to wear clothes of your choice. She gives a saree. Tejo says I can’t take this, it was for Jasmin. Nimmo says you got Fateh, what’s this saree then, keep it. Gurpreet says give this shirt to Fateh.

Fateh goes to sleep. He recalls Tejo’s words. He acts to be sleeping. Tejo comes and sleeps. Its morning, Fateh wakes up. He imagines Jasmin. Mahi calls him out and asks him to come downstairs. Khushbeer asks will Fateh come or not. Fateh gets ready and comes. Khushbeer says I know you are much sad, but we have to do this. Tejo sees Fateh. He sees her wearing the saree he got for Jasmin. He recalls gifting it to Jasmin and making her wear the saree. Gurpreet says you should have removed this tag at least. He imagines Jasmin in Tejo. He sees Tejo and reacts angrily. Amrik and Buzo worry. Nimmo gets the milk bowl. Fateh throws the milk over Tejo. Everyone gets shocked.

Khushbeer asks what’s this misbehavior. Fateh scolds her and says this saree is for Jasmin, it was her gift. He asks her to change the saree. Dadi says Gurpreet had given this to her. Gurpreet says Tejo didn’t had new clothes. Fateh asks was it necessary to give Jasmin’s saree to Tejo, ask her to change it. Nimmo says Tejo is your wife now. He says its Jasmin’s gift, just Jasmin has a right on it. Tejo cries and runs away. Fateh says I don’t accept her as my wife, I married her just to save the family reputation, stop these rasams now. He goes. Khushbeer shouts. Dada ji stops him. Amrik says this drama will happen every day in our house.

Nimmo says I told you, this will happen, Fateh sees Jasmin in Tejo. Khushbeer comes to talk to Fateh. He says you aren’t doing right with Tejo, I don’t understand how you can become so selfish, you and Jasmin are selfish, what’s Tejo’s mistake. Fateh says you won’t understand the pain of losing love. Khushbeer says yes, I don’t know, but I know the responsibility of a married man, Tejo is your wife, you can’t insult her in front of everyone, she didn’t marry by her wish, if she wasn’t there, then our family would have lost our name, Tejo sacrificed her life for us and her family, you are giving her anger and hatred, think about it. He goes.

Tejo changes the saree. The water falls there. She sits to wipe it. Fateh comes. She asks him to go, she won’t wear the clothes bought for someone else. He apologizes. She says you have insulted me in front of everyone, and came to apologize here, I will not forgive you, you were my good friend before, but not now, I m feeling so bad. She cries. He says I m really sorry, I didn’t intend to insult you, forgive me if possible. He goes away and cries recalling Jasmin. Tejo cries.

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