Udariyaan 7th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Udariyaan 7th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Udariyaan 7th October 2021 Episode starts with Tejo asking how did your passport burn. He says Jasmin did this. He tells everyone. Jasmin recalls Candy. She thinks Tejo you can do a drama, I know she wasn’t Candy’s mum. Rupy says she acted to lose the passport first and make a new one.

Fateh comes and hugs Jasmin. She says leave me, I m useless, why did you come to me, go. He says I came to say sorry to you, please sorry. She asks do you remember what you said. He says yes, you forget it. She says you stay happy and enjoy with everyone, even Candy, you get upset when you come to me, you enjoyed with Tejo also, you would be missing her, I have seen you dancing with Tejo and Candy, wearing that hat. He laughs and says you are jealous of that kid, he is so cute just like you.

She says I m not jealous, I have a doubt, he saw your family pic and says he has the similar pic at his house, he said you are his mum’s friend, do you know Tejo’s colleague. He says no, he is a kid, leave it. She asks how did you get much attached with him so soon. He says sit here, I have an attachment with you.

Tejo asks if Jasmin’s old passport is here, why did she give her new passport to Fateh for visa, why didn’t she burn her passport, why did she burn yours, what’s the reason. Rupy says not reason, its her obsession. Fateh shows the earrings. Jasmin says wow, thanks… He makes her wear it. Dil utthe chalda….plays… He lifts her in his arms. They smile. Tejo thinks Jasmin will have some motive behind this.

Gurpreet asks how are you able to eat this. Fateh says Jasmin made this cake for me, if I don’t eat it today, then she will eat me. She says I like to see you happy. Tejo comes there and hears them. He says its because of Candy, I feel light seeing dad playing with him. She says I regret that you chose Jasmin, if everything went fine between you and Tejo, then our house would have got a child. Tejo recalls the doctor’s words. Gurpreet says you won’t go to Canada now, right, I know Jasmin’s madness for Canada.

He says she isn’t old Jasmin now, she has become sensible, trust me. She says I wish this is true. Tejo thinks I don’t want to get in their matter, I should stay away. She comes inside the kitchen. She asks tea? Fateh signs. She asks shall I ask something, I know I have no right, but its bothering me, our marriage happened in a different situation, but we both wanted it to work, you wanted to move on, I had read your eyes, what happened suddenly that you took such a big decision.

Fateh says you know, I just loved one girl in my life, on our marriage day, whatever Jasmin did, I felt that nothing is imp to her than Canada, so I wanted to move on, I wanted to make our marriage successful, then one day, Jasmin did something that I trusted her love again. He recalls Jasmin burning her passport.

He says she burnt her passport, it was everything for her, she burnt her dream to stay with me. Tejo recalls Rupy’s words. Fateh says she isn’t the same Jasmin now, she changed, she loves me and wants to win everyone’s heart here. She laughs and says sorry, I got a laugh. He asks do you want to say anything. She asks why would I say,

I m neither your wife nor friend, but I m your well-wisher, I will pray that you learn the truth soon, we have a relation or not, I will never want anyone to cheat you, you will learn the day one day and also understand why I laughed, till then, good night and enjoy your cake. Its morning, Jasmin says I will find out Candy’s truth. Tejo says I m ready for college, yes, I will pick Candy after college.

Jasmin says Biji is calling you. Tejo goes. Jasmin checks Tejo’s call. She says last call is of Urvashi, is she her college colleague. She enables location sharing. She says Tejo, I have your phone live location now, I will come after you. At the academy,

Jasmin thinks why didn’t Tejo leave yet. Fateh sees her checking the files. He smiles and thinks she realized her responsibilities. He goes. Jasmin says Tejo is going towards the highway. She leaves. Candy says I will stay at Tejo’s house today. Tejo says I can’t take you today, I have imp work. He runs away. Buzo says he will be normal in some time. Simran asks why do you look tensed. Tejo says actually, Jasmin has a doubt about Candy.

Jasmin comes there and sees Tejo’s car. She sees Tejo there. Tejo says I have to be extra careful now. Jasmin thinks Simran and Buzo are with her, what are they planning. Candy comes and says I m feeling hungry. Jasmin thinks Candy is Simran’s son. She recalls Khushbeer’s words. She thinks now see Tejo, what I do. She turns to go. The pot falls down. Tejo turns and sees her. Simran worries. Tejo says I will handle this. Jasmin runs. Tejo runs after her. Jasmin falls. Tejo holds her hand. Jasmin says leave my hand. Tejo asks why, you came after me and heard my talks, tell me, what’s going on in your mind.

Jasmin argues. She says think once, it will be real fun when Khushbeer learns that Candy is Simran’s son, you are cleverly getting him inside the house, he will drag you and throw you out of the heart, did you get scared. She dances. Tejo says those who has bad intentions and lie, they get scared, one who has good intentions aren’t scared. Jasmin says you got daring. Tejo says no, you are daring, none can dare so much like you.

Jasmin says stop this nonsense, go home and do the packing, I will make arrangements for your farewell. Tejo says I did the packing when you came home, I m there for six months, think of yourself, else I will make you leave that house and also Fateh’s heart. Jasmin asks what do you mean, I m not scared of you. Tejo says you will know it when Fateh learns the matter, you didn’t burn your passport, but dad’s passport to make him believe your love. Tejo shows the passports. Jasmin gets shocked.


Udariyaan 8th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Jasmin says bond between Tejo and Khushbeer is becoming stronger. She will need to do something to break that bond. She mixes something in tea. Khushbeer is having breakfast. Tejo says she will get tea. Jasmin comes saying she brought it. Khushbeer tells Tejo to get it. Tejo takes it from Jasmin and gives it to Khushbeer. Jasmin gets happy seeing Khushbeer drink it.


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