Udariyaan 8th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Udariyaan 8th September 2022  Episode starts with Naaz coming home. She sees the entire house. She recalls Jasmin’s words and runs to Bebe. She asks are you Bebe. Bebe says yes, I m Bebe, whose daughter is this.

Abhiraj comes to Rupy. Rupy stops him. Satti says she is Jasmin’s daughter. They all get shocked. Tejo says Jasmin did this. Fateh says I won’t leave her. She says she left Naaz, Naaz doesn’t know this, she knows that her mum has gone for some work. Gurpreet says its better to not have mum than having such a mum.

Biji says don’t say this, we got Nehmat because of her, Naaz also got her fate. Bebe asks is she Jasmin’s daughter. Shelly says I told you about Jasmin, see the proof has come home. Naaz says it’s a big house, so beautiful, did mumma stay here.

Satti says yes. Naaz asks will I stay here, where is Nehmat, Tejo’s daughter is my sister. Shelly says she will stay in her Dada and Dadi’s house, her house is a palace. Abhiraj stops her. Shelly says your mumma would have not told you about me, I m your Shelly Mami. Satti asks Shelly to get something for Naaz.

Shelly gets the food. Naaz says its my fav, I will have this today. Satti says it was your mum’s fav also. Shelly asks didn’t Jasmin feed her the food. Rupy says I know everyone has many questions, I will answer, but not in front of Naaz.

He gets Tejo’s call. He goes and answers. Tejo asks did you find Jasmin. He says no, Abhiraj went and couldn’t find anything. Tejo says we can find who are lost, but those who go missing intentionally, we can’t find them, Naaz is our responsibility now, forget that Jasmin will come back. Satti says we will go to your mum’s room, there are many toys, come.

Bebe says yes, even Nehmat plays with toys. Rupy asks how is Nehmat. Tejo says better, but I have to talk to her. He says don’t know how many times Jasmin will come as darkness in our lives. Tejo says we have to brighten the lives of these two girls.

Satti shows the plane and says your mumma liked it, she loved Canada and wanted to go there. Naaz plays with it. Shelly says she left her daughter. Lovely says she didn’t do this for the first time, she left Nehmat also. Shelly says it means Nehmat is Jasmin’s daughter. Harman scolds Lovely.

Shelly asks am I any outsider, you keep secrets. Abhiraj says we are not hiding any secret, it’s a bitter truth, keep this to yourself. Rupy says Nehmat knows everything. Satti asks Naaz to play with Nehmat. Naaz says I feel sleepy, when will mumma come. Satti says she will come, you sleep with me today, she told Rupy that she will get late. Satti thinks how did Jasmin leave her child.

Bebe asks how did Nehmat know it. Rupy says Jasmin told her that Fateh and Tejo are not her real parents. Bebe asks how will Tejo tolerate this. Rupy says this should have not happened this way. Tejo recalls Jasmin’s letter. Fateh comes to pacify her. She says I can’t see Nehmat and Naaz like this, I m feeling bad for Jasmin, Jasmin and Naaz suffered, Yash tortured them.

Fateh says I don’t sympathize with Jasmin, but with Naaz. She says she didn’t do wrong, she is a mum and wants the best for her child, we would have not accepted Naaz with Jasmin. She asks doesn’t Naaz need her mum, would you leave your daughter if you were in Jasmin’s plan. She says no, I m going to Nehmat, she can wake up and cry. He says this is called mum, I will come along. They hear Nehmat and go.

Rupy hears Shelly speaking bad about Naaz. He asks what nonsense, upbringing and values decide a person’s nature, not the blood. He says you have seen how Tejo gave a good upbringing and values to Nehmat, we will give the same values to Naaz, she shouldn’t know that Nehmat is also Jasmin’s daughter.

He scolds her. Tejo says we were coming to you. Fateh asks why did you wake up. She asks shall I make noodles. Fateh says yes, we three will eat together. Nehmat stops Tejo. Tejo asks what did you say. Nehmat says mumma, I want to stay with you.

Rupy gets Jasmin’s letter. He shuts the door. He reads… I want to tell you something imp, Nehmat isn’t my daughter, just Naaz is my daughter. He recalls Nehmat’s birth. Nehmat asks if God gave you a choice to choose the baby, would you choose me. Fateh says of course.

Tejo says we would choose you. Nehmat says there can’t be any best parents like you. He says there can’t be any best daughter like you. Rupy reads… Nehmat isn’t Sandhu and Virk family blood, Tejo knows this, she didn’t tell anyone, I m telling you, you can decide, Naaz is your family, Nehmat is no one, give Naaz her rights.

He cries and thinks of Nehmat. He says what kind of person are you Tejo, I m proud of you, just you can do this, you raised Nehmat with love, you gave her good values and upbringing. Nehmat asks will you always be my mumma. Tejo says I will always be your mumma.

Fateh says you will be our Nehmat always. Nehmat says we three are in circle of love, promise me, you will never go out of it and always love me. Tejo says yes, always. Nehmat says I will write a letter to God, to not separate me from you two. They hug. Rupy says no, I won’t tell Nehmat’s truth to anyone,

Nehmat is Tejo’s daughter, its good Jasmin left. He opens the door. Satti comes and asks what happened. He says I m fine. He hides the letter. Fateh, Tejo and Nehmat eat the noodles. He jokes and laughs. Nehmat asks shall I ask something, will you feel bad. Tejo says no, ask. Nehmat asks who are my parents, whose daughter am I. Tejo worries.

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