Udariyaan 9th August 2022 Written Episode Update


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Udariyaan 9th August 2022 Episode starts with the kinners coming to the Virk house. They ask for the new bahu. Biji asks Tejo to take their blessings. Tejo and Fateh get the blessings. The kinner asks the other bahu, to bless the coming baby. Gurpreet asks Simran to call Simran. Everyone dances.

The kinner dances with Candy. Another kinner drops a toy car there. Candy runs after the car. One of the kinner takes the house keys and gets the impression. Simran comes to call Jasmin. Jasmin covers up her stomach with a dupatta. She says I have a headache. Simran says I will get water for you.

Jasmin sees the belt lying there. She says no, just tell them that I m resting. Simran goes. Jasmin says I can’t leave my fake tummy like this. Simran says Jasmin is resting. Gurpreet says we will call you when the baby comes.

Candy says you came to scare mumma, I don’t want the car. Aman says I m your dad. Candy says Buzo is my dad. Aman says Buzo is a dog’s name, I m your dad. He shows the pics. He says come with me to Canada, I will get you many toys and chocolates, will you come with me. Candy nods.

Simran asks where did Candy go. Everyone looks for him. Tejo goes out and sees Aman. She asks him to stay away from Candy. She calls out everyone. Everyone comes. Mahi takes Candy. Aman says we will talk in private, I wish I met you before. He teases her. Fateh comes and pushes him, asking him to leave. Aman laughs and says I have filed a FIR against the family.

Aman argues with Fateh. He says I have filed a custody case for my son in family court. Fateh gets angry. Tejo stops him. Aman asks Tejo to explain them, Candy is his son, he is his biological dad. Buzo shouts. Fateh says you won’t get Candy at any cost. Aman laughs and says you are making a dad away from a child, you will never have a child.

Fateh lifts him and asks him to leave. Tejo asks him to stop. Simran asks what do you want. Aman shouts my child. She says you stay away from my child. He says our child, I will get the custody. I know the secrets of your family, everyone will go to the jail, I will get my child. Fateh pushes him out of the gate.

Tejo says situation is complicated, Aman has filed the custody case. Simran says I won’t give my Candy to anyone. Fateh says he will get total or partial custody. Buzo says there would be some way. Fateh says if we can prove he is a criminal, then we can win. Simran says I have no proof against him.

Tejo says we have one week. Simran says he will win the case. Khushbeer says we won’t let this happen. Simran worries. Fateh and Tejo say we are with you.

Tejo asks Fateh to control his anger. Fateh says Candy is our life, we will do our best to save our life. They all say we are with you. A man delivers some packet. Fateh says its some oil package for Tejo. Tejo says I ordered it for Jasmin.

Tejo knocks the door. Jasmin runs and fixes the belt. She opens the door. Tejo and Gurpreet come. Tejo says I was thinking to enroll you in yoga classes. Gurpreet says Tejo got ayurvedic oil for you, you won’t have stretch marks. Tejo asks Jasmin to lie down. Jasmin says no, I feel shy. Tejo says I m your elder sister, lie down.

Jasmin refuses. She says it won’t look good if you touch my tummy. Tejo asks why are you shy of me, lie down here. Jasmin screams and sits. Gurpreet comes and asks what happened. Jasmin says I don’t want a massage.

Gurpreet says fine, sit well. Jasmin says don’t worry for me, if I get hurt, I can’t even take medicines. Gurpreet and Tejo leave. Jasmin thinks to keep Tejo away.

Tejo recalls Jasmin’s words. Gurpreet says we all will go in the Paath, we will pray that our house gets saved of bad sight, get ready, we will go. Tejo says Jasmin is sleeping, I will stay back, Simran, Buzo and Fateh took Candy to his grandparents, you all go. Gurpreet says fine, we will go.

Aman comes home. He laughs. Tejo goes for a bath. He uses the key and opens the main door. He enters the house. He says the entire house is vacant today. He enters Tejo’s room. He hears the shower sound.

He goes to the washroom. Tejo wears the clothes and comes out. She dries her hair. Aman stares at her. He goes close to her. She gets scared and shouts. He says its me, yours Aman.

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