Udariyaan 9th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Udariyaan 9th September 2022 Episode starts with Nehmat asking about her parents. Fateh recalls Nehmat’s dad. Tejo recalls the nurse’s words. Nehmat says I told you, you both are my parents, but I want to know who are my parents,

who don’t love me and left me. Fateh says no, they didn’t leave you, you know Amrik Chachu, he was your real dad. Nehmat says it means I m from this family, my Dadu and Dadi are same. Tejo says yes, your mumma was my real sister. Nehmat says it means my Nanu and Nani are also same, but where is my mumma.

Tejo says you met her. Nehmat asks what, I know her. Tejo says her name is Jasmin, Naaz’s mumma is your mum. Nehmat recalls Jasmin. Nehmat says it means Naaz is my sister. Fateh says yes, we will tell her when the right time comes.

Tejo says God fulfilled your wish, you wanted a sister, you got friendly with Naaz and gave her the crayons also. Nehmat recalls Naaz. She says no, she can’t be my sister, why did Jasmin keep me with her, I did friendship because you taught me to share things. Tejo says yes, why are you worried.

Nehmat says all mothers love their children, right. Tejo says yes. Nehmat asks why was she talking to me rudely, if she is my mumma, then why didn’t she hug me and ask me how am I. Fateh thinks why did Jasmin gave much wounds to Nehmat. She asks how can she do this if she is my mumma. Tejo hugs her.

She says Jasmin loves you a lot, she wasn’t talking with love, because we are your parents. Fateh says yes, she knows you are happy with us, we love you a lot, so she didn’t come in between.

Nehmat says then why did she ask me to ask you both, she could have told me. Fateh says when you grow up, you will understand this, you have to trust that we are your parents. Tejo says yes, we three are connected, no one can break this connection. He says we will have kulfi. Tejo says perfect plan. Nehmat says I want to meet Jasmin mumma.

Satti says Naaz is waiting for Jasmin, I made her sleep today, what will we answer Naaz tomorrow. Nehmat asks how can she leave me. Satti says she left the newborn Nehmat also, she won’t come back. Rupy recalls the letter. Tejo says Jasmin was helpless to leave you. Fateh says your dad wasn’t there,

it was tough for Jasmin to raise you. Tejo says she gave you to us, Lord also wanted this, so Lord didn’t give me a baby, so that you get all the love. They hug Nehmat. Rupy says Naaz is scared, we have to give her much love, when we tell her about Jasmin, she shouldn’t shatter, tell everyone especially Shelly,

she increases others’ pain. Its morning, Fateh and Tejo come to see Nehmat. She asks him to let Nehmat sleep. Fateh says just we both should keep the truth. She gets Rupy’s call. She goes out and asks Rupy why is he standing outside. He gives her Jasmin’s letter. Naaz comes downstairs.

She calls out Satti. Satti says you woke up. Naaz says mumma didn’t come. Satti says she will come, just get freshen up first, I made tasty food for you. Naaz says I want to talk to mumma. Satti says yes, go and have a bath first. She cries. Tejo says why did Jasmin tell this to you, Nehmat is already worried, we can’t tell this truth to Nehmat, her real father, Harvinder Singh is a criminal.

Rupy is shocked. Tejo says we can never tell this to her, please. Rupy says we will not let Nehmat know this, her real parents’ truth doesn’t matter. Fateh come and asks him to come inside. Rupy says no, I came to meet Tejo. Tejo says I told Rupy about Harvinder. Fateh worries. Rupy says I won’t tell this truth to anyone. Fateh says we will swear that this truth won’t go out. They hold hands and nod.

Nehmat talks to her doll. She says why doesn’t Jasmin love me, when mum and dad call me the best, I will ask Jasmin why did she leave me. She cries. Fateh and Tejo look on. They cry. Tejo says she wants to meet Jasmin. Fateh asks her to be strong. He says we can’t get Jasmin.

She says I can’t see my daughter in this state. She gets Satti’s call. Satti cries. Tejo asks what happened, why are you crying. Satti says Naaz is asking for her mum since morning, what shall I say, she is asking for Nehmat also, I can’t ask you to get Nehmat. Tejo says Nehmat wants to meet Jasmin. Fateh says we are coming, it will be right for them, we will let them play and talk.

Tejo says Nehmat isn’t happy, she is in shock. Fateh says we can know this when they face each other. Nehmat, Tejo and Fateh come home. Everyone hugs Nehmat. Naaz looks on. She recalls Yash’s mum’s words. She runs to Nehmat and hugs. Naaz says I was asking about you, I m very happy seeing you, we are sisters, your mum and my mum are sisters, Tejo is my Maasi. Fateh gives her chocolates. Naaz asks Nehmat to come. Fateh asks Nehmat to go and play.

Nehmat and Naaz go to the room. Naaz says I have few toys. Satti looks on. Naaz asks Nehmat to tell her tab password. Satti goes. Naaz says mumma will come, she can’t live without me, I can’t live without her. Nehmat thinks she left me because Naaz is her fav. Naaz praises her mum and says she loves me a lot, I love her, she is the best, I wish she comes soon, I miss her a lot.

Nehmat gets angry. Tejo says I will go and see them. Shelly says its fine, they are sisters, they will play, they are same blood. Nehmat says I want to go. Naaz says you are my sister, better than best friends. Tejo says Naaz doesn’t know that Nehmat is her real sister, be careful. Fateh says we have to tell them that Jasmin left them, Nehmat’s questions will always be there and Naaz will have many questions in her heart.

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