Vidrohi 12th January 2022 Written Episode Update


Vidrohi 12th January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vidrohi 12th January 2022  Episode starts with Kalyani seeing someone else and apologizing. Gadadhar thinks I m here, you should stop trying this and better get decked up, Fletcher is going to come and marry you. Kalyani gets a letter from a well wisher. He asks her to come and meet him, he wants to tell her something imp.

Radha comes to Maa and says you didn’t trust me and got Kalyani here to the locker. Maa says Kalyani is helping in solving this matter. She pacifies Radha. Kalyani comes to meet the man. Someone comes and hits on her head from behind. She holds her head. The man goes. She sees Jagabandhu there.

Maa says I worry for you also, don’t let any mental tension get high, Kalyani is doing what Jagabandhu would have come, its my duty to support her. Radha goes. Maa prays. Jagabandhu comes near Kalyani and starts encouraging her.

He disappears. Kalyani picks a stone. The man comes with ropes to tie her. She hits on his head. She picks a knife. Maid gets a letter for Gadadhar. He reads and asks how can this happen, Kalyani controlled the attacker. He sees Tilottama crying and eating fruits. He thinks to use her.

Kalyani sees the man and asks on whose command did you attack me, tell me. The man says Gadadhar. She thinks it means Gadadhar joined hands with the britishers, he is cheating own family. She asks the conditions of the deal.

He says money, he promised me to give money tonight, the deal will happen today, he is going to sell the land. She thinks I won’t let this happen. She goes to steal the papers. A man stops her. She hits him. The guards run to see him. Kalyani hides.

Its morning, Maa prays. Maid comes and says the guard’s wife has come to meet Kalyani, she wants a job as Kalyani promised her. Maa says fine, we will help her. Radha says she won’t get a job here. Maa says go and give food to them. She asks why can’t she work here Radha. Radha says she lied to us, we can’t trust her.

Maa says yes, but she is needy, we are Baxi, we have to keep the promise. Radha says Kalyani isn’t Baxi, why should we fulfill her promise. They argue. Maa says I have to respect Kalyani’s promise. She goes. Radha cries and recalls Maa’s words.

She says I have no identity in this house, everyone values Kalyani, where is that love, it was just for me, where are my rights. She gets sad. Her mum comes. She sees Radha crying. She consoles Radha. Radha says I m the bahu of this house and Baxi’s wife, his baby’s mum, but just namesake, I don’t feel his support now.

Her mum says I will change your tears into joy, trust me, everything will get fine. Kalyani gets the land papers. She says I got to know that Gadadhar is going to deal the land papers with the britishers, so I got this chest, it has the land papers, surely. She breaks the lock. She opens the chest. They see jewellery.

Kalyani asks was this also a part of the deal. They check the papers and get shocked. Maa says Gadadhar was going to do such a disgusting thing, such a big cheat with Rodang, he has to give an answer. Kalyani nods.


Vidrohi 13th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Maa scolds Gadadhar and asks him to answer. Kalyani asks Tilotamma to tell his truth to Maa.


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