Vidrohi 12th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Vidrohi 12th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vidrohi 12th November 2021 Episode starts with Jagabandhu asking Kalyani to wait for him. He says if we go like this, then they will think… I want to tell everything to Radha. She says its your right to tell her, but what will you tell. He says the truth. He enters the house. Radha comes running and hugs her. She asks him not to leave her again and go.

She asks are you fine, where were you till now. He says I had to take some big decisions, I want to tell something. She says I want to tell you first, Jagannath blessed us again, you are going to become a dad. He cries happily and hugs her. She says you can’t believe it, right, its a miracle, we had lost all hopes, we got a new hope now. They hug. He thinks what will I tell Radha, she is so happy, how shall I tell her that I married Kalyani, I never hid anything from her, how shall I tell her a big truth. Kalyani is waiting.

Jagabandhu says I want to tell you something. Maa comes and sees him. She calls everyone. She says you made us wait a lot, you didn’t know your welcome will happen with this good news. Gadadhar says we got a new hope, congrats. He hugs Jagabandhu. He says I wanted someone to call me Kaka, this wish will be fulfilled soon. Tulokma says we shall celebrate. Maa asks Jagabandhu to take ancestors’ blessings first.

Tulokma says this happiness would have been with us. Jagabandhu promises to take care of Radha. He thinks I don’t know which is the right direction, I have to tell the truth to Radha. Radha asks is everything fine. He recalls his marriage with Kalyani. She asks him to say. Maa asks Amba to get kada for Radha. She says Jagabandhu, come with me, I forgot to tell you something imp, Vaid said we have to keep Radha away from tension and bad news, this time, we may lose Radha also with the baby. He worries seeing Radha.

She asks him to take care of her. He goes to Kalyani. She asks what did Radha say, I want to know. He says I couldn’t tell Radha or Maa. Kalyani asks why, didn’t you have courage to tell Radha. He says right, I couldn’t get courage, I was going to tell Radha, she told me something that I couldn’t say anything. She asks what can be more imp than this, that we married for a collaboration,

I had to leave my freedom and walk on this unwanted path, I will tell her if you can’t say. He says no, we have to hide this truth, its not the right time. She asks why, tell me. He says because Radha is pregnant, she has lost two babies and also the third born baby, she got weakened, Vaid ji said that if she gets a shock, then she will also die along with the baby, I request you, nothing should happen to Radha, else I can’t live.

She asks what do you want from me. He says time, its tough but…. She says enough, what about me, where will I go, by what right shall I stay here, we got married but I have to hide this truth, its a collaboration, we will have nothing between us, I did this marriage against my will, not to get my identity snatched, you don’t know what I m going through. He says I can understand, I regret to say this, but we have to hide this truth for some time.

She asks what will you tell about me, by what right will I stay here, how long will we hide this, if truth comes out, then won’t it be dangerous for Radha. He says I m ready for that, but I can’t put her in danger intentionally, I request you, help me. She says its a tie up between Badamba and Rodang, but I have married you, I m your wife, its my duty to support you, if we have to hide this marriage, then you have to remove these marriage symbols, just a husband has the right to remove it. He looks at her.


Vidrohi 13th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Maa says I will ask Kalyani to stay in guest house, she is unmarried, she can’t stay here. She goes to Kalyani. Radha says I know you are thinking about Kalyani. Jagabandhu looks at her.


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