Vidrohi 15th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Vidrohi 15th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vidrohi 15th November 2021 Episode starts with Kalyani saying if truth comes out, then… truth will come out, then what will you do. Jagabandhu says I know, but we have no option than hiding this, we have to keep trying. She asks what try, look at yourself and me, we are lying, I didn’t marry for this, how long will I live like this. He says its a big motive that you are doing this.

Tilottama comes and says you here. Kalyani says Baxi came to tell me that my dad and brother are fine. She asks him not to send any such imp messages through servants. He says me and my family are always there to serve you. He leaves. Kalyani says I will tell you if I want anything.

Tilottama says I can’t talk to Maa or Radha much, they aren’t of my age. Kalyani says we learn from elders. Tilotamma sees the kamarbandh and asks her. She says married women wear kamarbandh. Kalyani says you are mistaken, its not a kamarbandh, I want to rest now. Tilottama goes.

Amba says I m so happy, Jagabandhu has returned, I will not let you get careless. Radha says I m sure, I will take good care of myself when you are with me. Amba acts good and cries. She goes and makes kada for Radha. She recalls Radha losing her baby. She thinks I m helpless to do this, I don’t care if anything happens to you along with the baby,I

have to do this for Gadadhar and Hari, this time no one can save you. Hari meets Kalyani. He says I scared you. She says you really scared me. He asks will you stay with us for some days. She nods. They become friends. He asks her to solve a riddle. She says future. He asks another one. He says you know everything, it will be fun, where were you going. She says I lost my way.

He says Radha will help you, come. He takes her to Radha. Kalyani helps Radha and says you are like my sister. Radha asks her to give the sindoor box. Kalyani gives her. Radha applies the sindoor. Kalyani says when mum used to get ready, I used to help her. Radha says you will learn doing Shringhaar, when you get married and have your love. They have a talk. Radha says I want to learn warrior’s courage, I want to win over my fears, I have lost three times, I don’t want to lose this time. They cry.

Radha says I will teach you Shringhaar, will you teach me warrior skills. Kalyani nods. Jagabandhu breaks a wood log. He recalls Kalyani’s words. He imagines Maharaj there. Maharaj is upset with him. He reminds his promise. He asks won’t Kalyani get a wife’s status in your life, she sacrificed her dreams, she is your wife, you are doing wrong. Jagabandhu gets troubled. He thinks I m doing wrong with Radha and Kalyani, I have to tell the truth.

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