Vidrohi 29th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Vidrohi 29th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vidrohi 29th October 2021 Episode starts with Radha asking did you quit as a commander. Maa scolds Jagabandhu for quitting so easily and defeating his ancestors, and traditions. She says your decision has snatched our family respect. Jagabandhu says Maharaj doesn’t trust me now.

She says you just had to do your duty, you can’t turn away from your responsibilities, you know it, even then you decided such a thing, you have no right to decide in emotions. He cries. He says Maharaj has no hope from me, he thinks I will be a reason for his death, I have failed people’s hopes. Radha and Gadadhar ask Jagabandhu to think again. Jagabandhu asks who will decide, who has left whom. They all cry.

Radha comes to Jagabandhu. He says you are born in Maa’s heart, when she adopted you, no one wanted to believe her, she has made you capable, she never lost her hope and trust on you. She asks how did you decide this without thinking of Maa. She cries and says Maharaj has hurt you but you broke Maa’s dream this way. He says I don’t need any position to fulfill my responsibilities.

She says this position is imp. Charan says you are a king, how can a senapati do anything without Maharaj’s permission. He tells Maharaj to take a strict step against Jagabandhu, you should punish him, he likes to leave his position, he has to give back the Senapati’s every sign and Rajya Shastra, you are a king, you need to tell this to him. Fletcher comes and says thanks Charan, I hoped that you give my message to Maharaj before I come. He asks what are you thinking, send the message to Baxi. Maharaj nods.

Gadadhar holds Amba close and hugs her. He says just I know how I stay away from you all day. She says your brother has resigned from Senapati position. He says yes, I didn’t like it. She says you can become the next Senapati, why not, everyone is worried that Jagabandhu gave up the place, no one is thinking that you are the solution, my Gadadhar, who isn’t less than Jagabandhu in anything, this was your post, its your right, you never asked for your rights, I don’t want anything for myself, I have you and your love, everything will be in your hands, you will take all the decisions, everyone will call you Baxi with respect, I will see you from far, secretly, with love in my eyes. She hugs him.

Badamba’s ministers have a secret meeting and say we should meet Fletcher and have a deal with him, we will help the company and get a right as the ruler here. Someone hears them. They come to the darbar and see some havan. Senapati says Mohan’s Yuvraj tilak will be done, Kalyani will be his advisor. Kalyani comes.

Ministers get shocked. Kalyani recalls deciding to keep Mohan’s tilak in front of everyone. She crowns Mohan and smiles. She gives him the sword in his hand. She says I will give you an advice to take the right decision for the sake of the kingdom’s good. She swears to always guide him right and do her Dharm. She says Badamba is a land of peace, if anyone challenges our respect, so shall we become cowards. The people say no, we will fight. The ministers look on angrily.


Vidrohi 30th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Fletcher comes to meet Kalyani and proposes her. She refuses to him and throws the ring in the fire.


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