Vidrohi 6th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Vidrohi 6th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vidrohi 6th November 2021 Episode starts with Fletcher saying I wanted to marry Kalyani, but she refused and ran away, she is stubborn, you spoilt her with love, its fine, I will change her once she marries me. Maharaj shouts. Fletcher threatens him. Maharaj says Kalyani is brave, she defeated your army. Fletcher says she will come to save you. Kalyani and Jagabandhu look for Maharaj and ask a guard.

Maharaj says I will like to die before becoming her weakness. Fletcher says that’s why, I have tied you, I will kill you afterwards as you like. He goes. Kalyani sees Maharaj. Jagabandhu says you go to Mohan, he may need you, let me handle this, trust me. She nods and goes. He kills a guard and goes to Maharaj. He finds Maharaj tied up. Maharaj asks where is she. Jagabandhu says she is fine, she is finding Mohan.

Maharaj says Mohan will be safe in his Nanihaal, you and Kalyani go away, its a trap for Kalyani. Jagabandhu says I will take you anyway. Maharaj asks him to just go away. He says I knew it, you will save her from Fletcher, I m worried, what will happen of Badamba and Kalyani after I die. Jagabandhu says nothing will happen to me, no need to worry, I promise you, whenever you need me, I will not step back, tell me, where are the keys of the lock. Fletcher has the keys. Kalyani sees him.

She hides. Guard says someone has intruded. Fletcher says Kalyani would have come for her dad, we will welcome her, come. He leaves the keys and goes. Kalyani thinks what’s those keys. Fletcher comes back and takes the keys. She hides. He leaves. Jagabandhu comes to her. She asks him to get Maharaj freed, she will find Mohan. He says Mohan is safe, we need keys to free Maharaj. She says yes, its with Fletcher, how will we get it. Fletcher comes with guards. He gets them at gun point. He says I knew it, you will come, I didn’t know he will come along.

Jagabandhu gets the gun from his hand. He says tell your guards to throw the guns. Fletcher asks guards to do as he is saying. Jagabandhu says give the keys to Kalyani. Fletcher gives the keys. Jagabandhu asks her to go to Maharaj soon. He hits Fletcher and leaves.

Kalyani comes and frees Maharaj from the locks and chains. Maharaj asks why did you come here, Fletcher caught me to trap you, you have to stay safe. She says nothing will happen to us and Badamba. Jagabandhu says we have to leave right away. Fletcher comes and says I want Kalyani alive, kill them. Kalyani and Jagabandhu fight. Maharaj gets injured. They take Maharaj with them.

Jagabandhu says there will be some village around. Maharaj says yes, take me to the Mukhiya’s place. They take Maharaj to the Mukhiya’s house. Vaid treats Maharaj. Mukhiya says don’t worry, you all are safe here. Maharaj asks Vaid Raj is there hope for my surviving. Vaid says you have blood loss, its a challenge to save you. Kalyani asks Maharaj not to lose hope, Mohan and she have no one with them.

She cries. She goes out. Jagabandhu pacifies her. He says you are your dad’s strength and hope, if you lose courage, then he will fall weak, be strong, nothing will happen to him. Maharaj looks on and recalls Jagabandhu’s promise.

He says I have to talk to Jagabandhu in private. Mukhiya says Maharaj is calling you inside. Maharaj asks Kalyani to stay outside. She asks why. Maharaj says I want to talk to him in private. She goes. She asks Vaid will dad get fine. He says his condition isn’t fine, I will go and get the herbs. She says stay here, I will get the herbs, I can do anything to save my dad. She goes.

Jagabandhu asks how are you feeling now. Maharaj says I was afraid for this, britishers have invaded Badamba. Jagabandhu says if we had collaborated before, then we would have not seen this day. Maharaj says nothing happens before time, that’s why we are here. Kalyani gets the herbs. She prays for her dad. Maharaj says Kalyani is a warrior, her life is long, who can give her faith, like I did. Jagabandhu says don’t worry, nothing will help, I will be there to always help you and Kalyani.

Maharaj says its decided by taking some decisions, everyone has to die, no one should aim to live forever, but we should do something in our life that everyone always remembers, its imp, I tried to do this, but britishers snatched everything, you saved it. Jagabandhu says its my duty. Kalyani gets the herbs and asks is everything fine.

Vaid says yes, Baxi is with Maharaj. Jagabandhu says I will always help you. Maharaj says Kalyani doesn’t need just a Senapati, but also a Pati, she needs a life partner, I don’t think she will get someone better than you. Jagabandhu and Kalyani get shocked.


Vidrohi 6th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Maharaj says someone has to pay a price for freedom. Radha says I feel like everything is about to change, he was going away from me. Kalyani says I m ready for this marriage. Jagabandhu is shocked.


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