Vidrohi 8th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Vidrohi 8th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vidrohi 8th November 2021 Episode starts with Maharaj saying Kalyani needs a husband, she can’t get anyone better than you. Kalyani and Jagabandhu get shocked. Maharaj asks him to accept his request. Radha feels dizzy. Maa comes. Radha asks will everything be fine. Maa says yes, you look unwell.

Radha says yes, I m scared. Maa asks her not to think anything bad. Jagabandhu says sorry Maharaj, you know that I m already married, we have a tradition to marry for collaboration, but the matter is that my life has no place for anyone than Radha, I can’t give a wife’s place to your daughter, I can’t give her husband’s love, this marriage talk is wrong, I will help her. Maharaj asks by what right will you help her,

if she is a prince or any ordinary woman, what will people say if you help her without a relation. Jagabandhu says sorry, I can’t accept your request, I can’t share my time that’s for Radha, why don’t you understand, three lives will be spoiled, Radha, mine and Kalyani. Maharaj says I understand, Badamba and lot more will be ruined, think about it, trust me. Jagabandhu says its not about trust, I can’t die without securing my daughter’s future. Kalyani comes and says no, this marriage won’t happen, even I don’t want to marry.

She asks why are you talking about marriage, you get fine and come back home, Jagabandhu has a beautiful relation with his wife, why are you forcing him, his reasons are right, I don’t need anyone for my protection and future. She goes. Jagabandhu also leaves. Radha walks to the gate and faints down.

He thinks of Radha. He says I have hurt Maharaj’s heart, how could I accept his request. Kalyani prays. She says Jagabandhu and I don’t love each other, their is no hope, I have seen his love for his wife, no one needs to come between them, I know my decision is right, but I m not happy. He also prays.

He says Kalyani refused to accept this alliance, what shall I do to make him happy. They get a peacock feather. Radha gets conscious. Maa says you love my son a lot, don’t worry, Jagabandhu will return. Radha says he has left before and came back, but this time, I feel scared. Maa says Krishna will show us the way.

A man/Krishna comes to Jagabandhu and asks his dilemma. He asks him to see his goal clearly, whatever the circumstances. He says you have to see if the big decision takes you close to your goal or away from it. Jagabandhu turns and doesn’t see him. He gets a peacock feather. A man comes to call him. Jagabandhu runs to see Maharaj. Vaid says his body is not responding, he is critical. He goes. Jagabandhu asks Maharaj to get fine. Kalyani comes and hears them.

Maharaj gets sad. He says listen to me, Badamba has the army, you have the Paika warriors, its needed to fulfill the dream you are seeing, if anything happens to me, then the army won’t obey to you, if you both get married, then it will be good, how shall I leave my Praja to become slaves of the britishers, someone has to pay a price for the freedom, I leave this decision on Kalyani and you, I m a helpless father and king, I can just request you. Jagabandhu says no Maharaj. Kalyani goes to them. She says I m ready for this marriage. Jagabandhu looks at her.


Vidrohi 9th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Jagabandhu asks her does she want to ask him once, how can she be selfish. She says I will do this marriage for my family. Radha says I want to see Jagabandhu. Kalyani says promise me, Badamba will be equally imp to you as Rodang.


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