Vidya 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Vidya 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vidya 26th November 2019 Episode Start With Ranjana, Nanku and Jagat getting glad that Dadi died. Nanku laughs. Kalindi gets angry. Nanku says I will never kill you, you have made me rid of my big problem. He sees Amma’s pic. He sees Kalindi and says she reminds me of Amma now. Dharma jokes on Bablu and laughs. Maa and Dharma tease Bablu. Vidya prays for Vivek in the temple. She does a tough tapasya. Kalindi says I won’t do anything, because I know you will kill my daughter, when you didn’t care for your mum, you won’t care for a little girl, I believe in Lord, I will not lose courage, I have become strong after watching all this. She says if you attain Vidya, then I will regard you a real man. Ranjana scolds Kalindi.

Kalindi says Vidya will give an answer to Nanku. She goes. Dharma and Maa come to the temple. The people look on and talk about Vidya praying for Vivek. Reporters record Vidya’s tapasya. The people ask what’s Vidya’s relation with Vivek. Anand watches the news. He sees Vidya praying. He goes to Vivek’s mum and asks her to come with him. Vivek sees the news of Vidya making a prayer for Vivek’s life. Reporter says Vidya is praying since hours for Vivek by standing on one foot. Kalindi smiles seeing news. Nanku gets shocked. Maa asks Vidya to come home, what is she doing. Dharma asks her to stop Vidya. Pandit says havan is going on. Dharma says this havan fire will burn our family respect.

Vivek gets treated. He responds to treatment. Doctor checks him. He comes to Vivek’s mum and says your son is a real fighter, he defeated death. Vivek’s mum smiles. Doctor says Vivek is fine now. Vivek’s mum sees Vidya on the news channel. She goes to see Vivek. Reporter says we got the news that Vivek is out of danger now, doctor gives the credit to his willingness to fight for life, some people believe Vidya’s puja did this miracle, is this win of Vidya’s belief or doctor’s hardwork. Nanku throws the glass and breaks the tv in anger.

Kalindi cleans the glass. Jagat asks what are you doing. Nanku says I understood Durga Maa’s sign when Vivek’s pic fell over you and you got saved. Nanku recalls. Kalindi says you have tried everything, you lost, Vidya and Vivek have won. She goes.

The man says Vidya is standing on one foot since five hours, its a tough tapasya. Vivek’s mum comes there to the temple. She sees Vidya and smiles happily. She says Vidya…. your puja has got fulfilled, Vivek is fine now. Vidya gets glad and smiles. She ends her tapasya and stumbles. Vivek’s mum holds her. Vidya asks did Vivek get fine. Vivek’s mum says Lord has heard your prayers. The people gossip that Vidya is a widow and praying for stranger. Vivek’s mum asks her to come and see Vivek himself. Vidya sees the people blocking her way. The people ask Vidya about her relation for Vivek. They scold Vidya.

Maa asks Vidya to answer them, why is she silent now. Vidya asks what shall I answer them, they won’t believe me, whatever Vivek has done, the state he is in, everyone knows it, I prayed that he get fine, Vivek got the terrorists caught and saved everyone, if you spend entire life, then also you can’t return his favor, he did a lot for you all, you should wash his feet. Dharma stops Maa. Vivek’s mum smiles. The people see Vidya.

Vidya prays and thinks they want to know my and Vivek’s relation. She says today, if there is anyone for me in this world, its Vivek, he is Lord for me, he saved my life, he taught me difference between right and wrong, he taught me to fight my weaknesses, he gave my life an aim, he showed me the right path, I worship him, Maiyya knows it all, but I can’t explain these people. She swears and refuses to answer their cheap questions. She asks them to think whatever they want, they are free to think.


Vidya 27th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : The men scold Vidya and ask her relation with Vivek. Vidya says I won’t answer. She cries.


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