Vidya 27th December 2019 Written Episode Update


Vidya 27th December 2019 Written Update, Written Update on

Vidya 27th December 2019 Episode Start With Bablu calling Mohan and asking him if he would tell Vivek the truth. Mohan says no, Vivek is DM, he should never know that Vidya is illiterate. Vivek is shocked. He thinks of Vidya’s lies. He gets angry. Vidya smiles thinking of Vivek. Dil lag jaye….plays…. She says is this love Vivek, I will tell you my truth and my feelings tomorrow. Vidya smiles.

Vidya sees Maa upset. She asks why didn’t you eat food. Maa says I don’t want. Vidya says I can understand. Maa says Dharma is paying for his deeds. Vidya gets Vivek’s call. He asks her to meet him. She says at this time… He says yes. She says fine, come to my house. He says no, come to temple. She says fine, I will ask Amma and come, I need to talk something imp. He disconnects the call. She goes to Maa and says Vivek is calling me, maybe he wants my signs on the papers.

Vidya comes to the temple. He asks what’s the matter, why did you call me here. Vivek says I got your statement, take this. He gives her a paper. She holds the paper upside down. She holds it right. He asks her to read it. She asks for a pen. He gives it to her. She takes the pen to sign. He asks won’t you read it, read it once. She says you have written it, it would be right. He says my life taught me one thing, you shouldn’t believe anyone, you read it once, so that I know what wrong I have written, I will make it right. She says I need to talk. He says I have come to talk something imp, this is imp, you read….

Vivek worries. Vivek says fine, you don’t want to read, I will read, tell me if I m wrong… I, Vidya Singh, betrayed you so much when you trusted me, I was a cheat but I labelled you a cheater, I was at fault, but I blamed you, I m an illiterate, but I didn’t tell you, when the truth is out today, I won’t give up on this lie, because I m a lie and a cheat….. He asks did I write right. Vidya cries and signs the paper. He angrily hits the bell. She shouts.

He shouts enough, how much will you lie, I can’t believe this, you have an innocent face but a black heart, you lived a lie, you cheated me and called me a cheater, and I was such a big fool that I did a mistake to love a liar like you, I hate you. He reads the statement in hindi and says this is your truth, right, you had thousand chances to tell me the truth. He hits the pillar. She says your hand…. He says stop this drama, you think I love you and I will forgive you, I will punish you in such a way that any person will think a thousand times before cheating someone, you had a prayer for my life, you saved my life, today I promise you, I never think of cheating anyone. He tears the papers and goes. She cries.


Vidya 28th December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Vidya walks on the road. Vivek saves her. He says I will punish you for what you did with me. Police comes to take Vidya. Avtaar worries.


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