Vidya 27th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Vidya 27th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vidya 27th November 2019 Episode Start With Nanku thinking of Vidya. He asks Kalindi to come. He says you have told right, I remember your word, I will always remember it. He gets angry on her. He says I didn’t raise hand on you ever, I loved you till now, because you thought I m a man, but you have questioned my manhood, then I can’t love you, you have burst your anger, you have hurt my soul and heart. He gets a stick and says I m much hurt, I want to remember this wound. She cries. He says I want your help, will you help me.

He gives her the stick and says beat me. She worries. He says I married you and got you here, I gave you so much respect and status, you have poison against me in your heart, take this, beat me. He says I know your values won’t let you do this, but you have to beat me and give me wounds. Kalindi cries and hits him. He says I don’t want to forget my revenge on Vidya. Jagat says the villagers are already targeting Vidya. Nanku says this time we will hit them with a drama. The villagers come to Dharma’s house. Nanku’s men provoke the villagers and insult Vidya. Maa says Vidya you have done puja for Vivek, villagers have come to trouble us.

Vidya says I will go and talk to them. Maa says you don’t know what the crowd will do, they want an answer, what’s your relation with Vivek. Vidya says I told you we have no relation. Vidya asks what shall I tell them. She goes out and faces the people’s questions. She says I kept a fast for Vivek, is it a sin, Vivek saved the children. The man asks her to leave the village, else he will burn her and her house, what’s her relation with Vivek. The people ask her.

Vidya says I won’t answer. The lady raises hand. Vivek’s mum comes and holds her hand. She scolds them. She supports Vidya and her family. She asks the people to leave. She asks Vidya not to worry, she is with her. She leaves. Vidya cleans the stained remarks from the wall. She goes to pray and cries. Maa scolds her. Dharma asks Vidya why is she doing this. Vidya says Vivek taught me to live life in right direction, I have nothing such for him in my heart, if I m wrong, then Durga Maiyya shouldn’t show me the next day. She goes. Vivek looks around and sees the flowers. He sees his mum. She says I have come to meet my son. She gets emotional. He cheers her up. They smile. Jagat says don’t know how Vivek’s mum had come and helped Vidya. Nanku laughs. He asks him not to worry and eat apple. He thinks I will trap Vidya now.


Vidya 28th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Vivek says mum told me about your tough mannat. Vidya says your risked life to save everyone. They smile.


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