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Vidya 28th November 2019 Episode Start With Maa and Bablu complaining to Dharma. Dharma asks Vidya to just go to school, teach kids and come home, don’t think of going to the hospital. Maa stops Vidya and scolds her. Vivek says I didn’t say anything against society, I will keep humanity alive by meeting Vivek and taking care of him, since he has saved many lives, I will first go to Avtaar’s house, then school and hospital. She leaves. Maa/Parvati says she isn’t listening to us now. Dharma taunts her. She doesn’t understand. He says she isn’t scared of us now, so she didn’t answer us and villagers, her feelings for Vivek is true, she regards him Lord, her fear got ended, we people are scared, we lived our life on lie, we did mistake, she was always true, because truth is with her.

Vidya goes to meet Avtaar. She asks is Avtaar at home. Guard says he left in the morning. She says fine, he didn’t answer my calls, tell him that I had come. She goes. Avtaar looks on. He gets a call from Ranjana. He asks what’s the matter. She says you did as I wanted, good, you passed in the first test, you are thinking how I got to know this, I m keeping a watch, Nanku rules over Devgarh, leave from Devgarh for some days and then return. He gets angry and ends call. The kids meet Vivek and give him flowers. He thanks them. They say thanks for saving our lives. The man says they come to meet you everyday and stay outside, you got conscious now, so they came inside. Vivek asks kids to go to school. His mum asks him to rest.

Vivek looks at the door. She smiles. He asks where is Anand. She says I m sitting here and you are looking there, Anand went to office, you did a brave job, you have become the DM again. He smiles. She asks him not to move. He asks about Vidya. She says she didn’t come to see you once. He asks really. She says yes, would I lie. He says no, but she would have come, she was with me always. She says but I m here with you in the hospital, you don’t care for me, you care for Vidya. He says I know your love and care since childhood. She says fine, Vidya comes here every day, she talks to you sitting here and prays for your recovery, she will come today also, she is your true friend, we may get modern, but I feel Vidya’s belief did the miracle for your recovery, you don’t know what she did.

She tells everything. She says Vidya was sure you will recover, take rest, I will complete formalities and come. She goes. He smiles. Vidya asks the kids why did they get late. The kids say we went to meet Vivek, he got conscious. Vidya smiles and asks really. The kids say yes, we were with him, he has become DM of Azamgarh again. Vidya says sit fast and study, then I have to go and meet him. She says I will teach you English alphabets today. She writes A for Apple etc… She teaches them. The bell rings. She rushes to meet Vivek. Santoshi sees her and says she is in hurry today. Vidya comes to meet Vivek. She gives him a glass of water. She asks him to forward hand. She gives him prasad. He smiles. She says I went to temple and did puja by your name so that you get fine soon. She gives him flowers. He thanks her. She asks how are you now. He says fine, I m Durga Maiyya’s devotee’s friend, Maa told me about your tough mannat. Vivek’s mum comes and looks on. Vidya says you risked your life to save the kids. Vivek says you settled the scores at once. They say there is no scores settling in friendship. They smile.


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