Vidya 3rd December 2019 Written Episode Update


Vidya 3rd December 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vidya 3rd December 2019 Episode Start With Vivek coming home. His mum asks him why is he worried. He doesn’t say. She asks him again. He tells her everything. She says you have given her a good advice, her life will get better, don’t worry. He says I m fine, I m not in tension. She says you should be happy that Vidya will get married and go away, will you find a guy for Vidya, I will do this since I m free, Vidya is your friend. He nods. She says I know a guy, I will call his mum. Vidya is at the school. She thinks of Dharma and Vivek’s words. Vivek’s mum calls her friend and asks her to meet Vidya once, get Dayanand also, Vidya is a widow, she lost her husband, she is a nice girl. Vivek asks who is Dayanand. She praises the guy. Vivek gets worried. He says stop a min, what are you trying to do. She says I m trying to get Vidya married. He signs towards him.

He says then find suitable guy for her, she is an English teacher. She says you are most suitable, I didn’t call anyone, you are scared thinking she will go away, you worry for her. She asks him to swear he doesn’t love Vidya. He says I can’t swear falsely, you know I don’t care about people, I m thinking about Vidya, maybe she doesn’t like me that way. She pacifies him. She says Vidya will understand you, she also likes you, she can’t get a better life partner than you. Vivek goes to meet Vidya. He thinks of her and smiles. He comes to school and looks for her. Peon says she has left already. Vivek goes home to meet her. He offers help for Dharma.

Maa says Bablu has gone out, Vidya took Dharma to the hospital. She asks did you have any work with Vidya. He says no, I just came to meet. She says I had some work, I know you will understand and not feel bad, the people are taunting Vidya about you, Dharma can’t tolerate any more shocks, this is a village, you know how much sorrow Vidya has gone through, if this matter doesn’t end, then no one will marry her, don’t come here until she gets remarried, you have to forget Vidya. He worries.

The guys joke on seeing Vivek. Vivek gets angry. Maa stops him and asks him to leave. Vivek comes home and sees Jagat and men. Jagat says Nanku had come to meet your mum. Vivek shouts Maa and runs inside. He goes to Nanku and scolds him. He tells Nanku’s truth to his mum. Nanku says I have done bad to you also, I have filed fake case on you and got you shot. Vivek gets angry on him. Vivek’s mum worries.


Vidya 4th December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Dharma says Vidya’s marriage will happen. The men taunt him and ask him to get Vidya married to Vivek.


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