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Vidya 4th November 2019 Written Episode Update,Written Update on

Vidya 4th November 2019 Episode Start With Vivek saying I will dine with everyone. He sits eating food. He gets hiccups. Vidya gives him water. She says I had added chilli in the food intentionally. Vivek asks what are you saying. She says I said this intentionally, your hiccups are gone, shall I get sweets for you. He says no, I m fine. Vidya sees Kalindi. Kalindi doesn’t talk to her and goes. Vidya goes to get some plates. She gets shocked seeing Dadi stabbed. She shouts. Vivek and everyone come there. They get shocked. Ranjana asks how did this happen. Vivek calls the hospital to get the ambulance.

Lawyer gets the bad news to Nanku. He says your mum is badly injured. Jagat thinks it means Kalindi has done this. Nanku gets shocked. He asks will she not give the statement now, then there is no prime witness, I will prove that Vivek has done this, do something to get my bail done, its a right chance. Lawyer gets shocked. He says fine, it will happen, but I thought you will be worried for your mum, but you are…. Nanku says I m much worried, I will get out of here and get mum treated, tell the same to judge. Jagat asks how did Kalindi attack Amma to save you.

Nanku says Savitri has fought Yamraj to save her husband’s life, Kalindi isn’t less than Savitri, pray that Amma dies, if she gets saved, then everything will get over. Vivek asks Kalindi not to worry. PA says case can get weak, Nanku can get bail, Dadi’s statement matters in the case. Vivek says I feel the same, we have to find out who killed mum, go to court and then tell me, do you doubt someone. Ranjana says I doubt Vidya, she has done this. Vivek says Vidya can’t do this, Dadi was helping Vidya, she isn’t related to this. Ranjana asks do you mean Nanku has done this, Kalindi tell him. Kalindi gets worried. Doctor says Dadi’s state is critical. Vivek looks at Kalindi.

The ladies talk about Dadi’s injury. Vidya goes inside the house. She doesn’t see Munni. She sees the blood stains on the mark. She comes out and says Munni isn’t inside, Munni’s slipper is lying there, her doll is there with some blood drops, don’t know where is she. Everyone worries. Doctor says Dadi has slipped in coma. Kalindi worries. Vidya calls Vivek and tells everything. He asks her not to worry. Dharma looks on tensed. Vidya says Vivek is coming here, we shall wait for him to come. Vivek says maybe the one who attacked Dadi has done this. Munni’s mum calls Vidya unlucky and scolds her. Vivek comes there and says if Vidya wasn’t there, you would have never met Munni, you can’t think what would Nanku do with her. The lady says we have no enmity with Nanku, it happened because of Vidya. Vivek calls her. He goes inside and inspects the bat with blood stains. He sends the bat for forensics.

Vidya says Munni was sleeping in my room, maybe when Dadi got attacked, Munni woke up and saw the attack. Vivek says its possible. Vidya asks where would Munni go. Vivek says we have to find out. Lawyer says I spoke to judge, you will get bail today, but it would cost 5 lakhs. Nanku says you will get the money. Lawyer says your wife has come to meet you. Nanku goes to meet her. Jagat greets Kalindi and says you have attacked Amma to save your husband. Nanku smiles. Kalindi says Amma is critical, doctor is saying she has slipped in coma, I m feeling guilty. Nanku says you have saved me, don’t worry. He hugs her and smiles. Kalindi says but I have not injured Amma. Nanku asks what. Kalindi says yes, I didn’t hurt her.


Vidya 5th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Nanku says I will do everything to save my image. He challenges Vivek. He sees Vidya and goes.


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