Vidya 7th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Vidya 7th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vidya 7th November 2019 Episode Start With Dharma saying Ranjana has tried to kill her mum and Munni, she threatened me that she will kill my family, I got scared, trust me, I can be greedy for money, but I can’t kill anyone, even I love Munni. He cries and says I was scared of Nanku’s sister Ranjana. Vidya says Ranjana got them attacked, it means Munni’s life is still in danger, because Ranjana is still at the hospital, if she does something to Munni. Ranjana gets prasad for Munni’s mum and says I have prayed for her. She goes and sees Munni. Doctor comes and says Munni is fine now. Vivek consoles Munni’s mum. She asks her to thank Vidya and Ranjana.

Ranjana says once Munni gets fine, we will go. Vivek says I know your pain, don’t take any step that harms you. He goes. She thinks Munni has to die tonight.Vivek gets Vidya’s call. Vidya calls Vivek and says I got to know who had attacked Dadi and Munni. Vivek asks what, who is she. She says Ranjana. He doesn’t hear her voice. He says something is wrong. Vivek asks his assistant to keep an eye here. The goons attack Vidya’s family. Vivek leaves. Ranjana thinks Vidya will die, I will kill Munni here. She bribes a lady. She asks her to go.

Nanku asks how did someone take this step without my asking, who is this person, just you love me, you didn’t do this. Kalindi looks on. Nanku asks are you thinking the same. She says yes, I felt you have just one bad thing, relations with other women, I got to know your work is also illegal. She cries. He asks are you on my side or not, when you came here as my wife, I was the King here, you don’t know the truth, how a poor man became so powerful, man can become powerful in two ways, if you get a lottery and become rich, or if you become a hero with a good fate, people like us have to write own fate, I had just one way to become powerful. He threatens her about her and their daughter. Kalindi goes. Nanku hugs his daughter and apologizes.

He says I love you a lot, I have to threaten your mum about your mum, sorry, when I get old, I will get you married in a grand way. Vidya runs from goons. They try to break the door. She shouts for help. The goons get in. Ranjana takes the food for Munni’s mum. She asks her to stay fine and look after Munni. Munni’s mum eats food and gets dizzy. Vivek’s PA also faints. Ranjana sends her. Munni’s mum and nurse faint. Vivek reaches Vidya’s house. Goons catch her. She tries to scream. Vivek says I heard some sound but there is no one here, maybe I m wrong. He leaves. Ranjana goes to Munni. Vidya cries. The goon says we will kill her. Vidya goes inside the temple. She cries.


Vidya 8th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Vivek saves Vidya’s family. Dharma asks her to save Vidya, Ranjana is the culprit. Vivek gets shocked. Vidya prays to Devi maa.


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