Vidya 8th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Vidya 8th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vidya 8th November 2019 Episode Start With Vidya praying. She gets Devi Maa’s flower. She thanks for blessings. Goons try to catch her. Vivek stops and asks the man what’s happening. The man says we heard Dharma shouting for help. Dharma shouts help. Vivek breaks the door and gets in. He frees Dharma, Maa and Bablu. He asks what happened to you. Dharma says save Vidya, Ranjana is behind everything. Vidya runs to the hospital. She sees everyone fallen asleep. Ranjana goes to kill Munni. Vidya runs to Munni. She stops Ranjana from stabbing Munni. She scolds Ranjana.

Ranjana threatens her. Vidya says what kind of person are you, you want to kill Munni, why. Ranjana says to save my brother. Vidya says he doesn’t respect any woman, you got your mum attacked. Ranjana says we won’t have anything without Nanku, mum has forgotten our poor days, we are living a luxurious life because of him, he can’t go to jail, Nanku called Kalindi so that she helps him, she couldn’t do anything, I followed Kalindi that day and heard what Nanku wanted to do, Kalindi just begged mum and failed to convince her. She recalls getting Dadi and Munni attacked. She says you all will die, Vivek will just get your dead body. Vivek comes and hits her. He gets Ranjana arrested. She fumes. Vidya looks on and smiles. Jagat comes to Nanku.

Vivek and Vidya come there. Nanku sees Ranjana arrested. He asks what’s all this, leave Ranjana. Vivek says you wanted to know who helped you. Nanku asks him to say it clearly. Kalindi comes. Vivek says Ranjana has done this to save you, she got her mum attacked. Everyone gets shocked. Vivek says Ranjana has tried to kill Vidya and her family, she did many crimes to save you, you are free because of your sister.

Ranjana says I have done this to save Nanku. Nanku says I m impressed, you protected me when I should have protected you, its my turn to protect you, I won’t let anything happen to you, I will free you from court, Vidya and Vivek will just see this. Vidya says you are praising her instead scolding her for mistake.

Nanku says Ranjana is my sister, she did this to save me, its good. Kalindi says Ranjana is going on wrong path. Nanku shouts shut up, get back. He asks Ranjana not to worry, he will make everything fine. He says Jagat, I can’t believe my sister did this for me, once you come out, we will together rule on Devgarh. Ranjana says I don’t want anything, I did this to save you, so that your fear is always there in Devgarh. Vivek smiles. He taunts them to be Raavan and Shurpanakha. He says you come to court if you can free her, take her away. Ranjana is taken by police. Dharma asks Bablu how can he eat food. Bablu asks him not to worry. Avtaar comes home. They get glad to see him. Avtaar asks what’s happening, I just to go know, is everything fine. Vivek and Vidya come. Vivek says until we catch the culprit, we can’t sit in peace.


Vidya 11th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Vivek says Ranjana should get punished. He gets angry seeing Ranjana getting VIP service in the jail. Nanku smiles.


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