Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th January 2020 Written Episode Update


Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th January 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th January 2020 Episode Start With devsena is surprised seeing kind of weapons & gets attracted towards a sword while indra & his wife come to see this & are shocked how devsena is reacting towards the sword which was used by kartik & as she picks the sword then indra gets some slight signal as she poses of using it.

Ganesh talks with brother kartik about marriage & then he returns to his mata paravati so she asks what happened & he tells her it is still to get convinced by brother kartik as he thinks otherwise of marriage then mata paravati explains him what marriage means in life & how we are married together as your mother-father who are also blessed with you as our son’s to make your life’s comfortable bringing up & for this you need to have a very compatible life partner. Ganesh says I understood your meaning so I also now wish to marry & he tells her arrange for my marriage too as all mata’s laugh on his talks.

Ganesh asks where father is so she explains him he is under meditation & as he sees him he asks what kind of meditation he is doing in this form so she explains the meaning of the form taken by mahadev for meditation where in he is holding various petals & flowers in his hands as per signals to spread & his devotees take same form to meditate him.
All are watching while they see some huge black signal coming & are shocked what kind of signal is this so mata says it might be some evil signal coming.

Indra, his wife & their daughter including her brother too come to such a place where they feel a very pleasant so they ask her where have you brought us & she takes them more ahead while all other gods are also feeling pleasant so she tells them to enjoy this place & they thank her for showing this place.

They are all enjoying the pleasant place while a cut hand attacks on them & they fall down saying some evil has attacked us as indra in confused if nothing has wrong happened to all. Indra sees a huge hand mark on ground & feels this is of an evil powers hand & as he tries to go near then a voice comes out to stop so all gods are trying to retaliate his powers of his hands as they feel now he can’t do anything & suddenly his hand vanishes & they feel he has gone but again he attacks & they are all shakened by his powers. Indra is alerting all to be safe & move away from him hand as I find him powerful than us & as his hand is coming near it picks his small son & he is crying for help while indra says I’ll do something.
Mata is talking with ganesh about kartik how to convince him while ganesh tells mata to be calm.

Indra is complaining mata paravati about his son being taken away by some evil hand & we were helpless to stop him so she asks what was it but he says do not know but to save him as ganesh is also understanding what is this happened.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 15th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Indra’s son is clutched by one asoor’s hand & indra keeps challenge if anybody who brings my son from his clutches I’ll marry my daughter devsena with him. Ganesh says this can be done by brother kartik itself & paravati mata also says it his duty towards devsena too as her would be husband.


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