Vighnaharta Ganesh 17th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Vighnaharta Ganesh 17th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 17th May 2021 episode starts with Raja Indradhun & others are taking the carpenter inside the palace with closed eyes to test his devotion towards Prabhu.
He is in old man’s form & at times stumbles also while walking with the stick & Raja’s wife feels it’s difficult to believe if he can do this work because he himself can’t control while walking. Vishwavasu & Lalita too feel the same but Raja is confident due to faith in Prabhu.
The old man is walking till the door arrives while everybody feels confused if he comes to know of Prabhu’s room while he is walking & Raja is scared but he stops asking him if is this the door & Raja opens it happily appreciating his devotion & taking him inside.
The old man is appreciating the Godly wood praying Prabhu within himself while Raja asks him how much Idol’s he’ll make reminding that Prabhu had intimated him that he has to ask him how much idol’s he’ll make hence he stumbles little but holds the wood out of which one idol Leg image emerges out of it brightly & all praise him due to Prabhu’s blessings he has come & other’s also become confident about the old man.
The old man tells him that there will be four Idol images ie. one of Prabhu Shri Krishna, another Prabhu’s sister Devi Subhadra, third one Prabhu’s brother Bal Bhadra & lastly Prabhu’s weapon Sudarshan Chakra. All are praising & appreciating the old man as well as Prabhu Neil Madhav.
Raja asks him give us your identity before starting this work because I have to spread your name as famous carpenter who could only make these Idol’s & nobody else but he tells him that you can tell them it was Prabhu’s devotee because we all are his devotee itself & Raja appreciates him.
Madhav asks Balarama that who was the carpenter but & he tells him he was none other than Gods carpenter God Vishwakarma itself.
Raja offers him the tools for work to start but he tells him that I have some conditions & Raja asks him what hence he tells him that firstly I wish to be in this room alone & when I start my work nobody should disturb me whatsoever happens till 21 days or he’ll leave the Idol’s as it is if door is opened before the time & Raja accepts his conditions. The old man tells Raja that he doesn’t wish to waste any time to start the work hence all of them leave & close the door.
Raja & all are discussing appreciation words for the old man & while Raja’s wife confusingly asks him that will this work get completed but Raja reminds her about all incidences which happened earlier of he coming at this place & his brother bringing Neil Madhav & also they getting this Godly wood which has brought situation till this time that only the Idol’s are to be made which has happened only because of Prabhu’s blessings & his wife admits it’s Prabhu’s blessings.
Ganeshji tells Pushadant that this way Raja had to convince everybody including his wife too to keep faith in Prabhu.
Vishwakarma converted himself in his actual form & keeps working on decoration of Idol’s chanting Prabhu’s name while all are hearing his chant & appreciate about his work making them feel he is working. Raja’s wife was always wondering of completion hence kept herself alert for Vishwakarma that he shouldn’t feel tired but at one time she does not hear the voice of his chanting & expresses Raja of her confusion. Vishwakarma is praying Prabhu to help him to disturb them to open the door or his work won’t stop because he had completed his work.
Prabhu understands Vishwakarma’s difficulty while Dev Rishi Narad comes to meet Prabhu while Prabhu expresses Vishwakarma’s difficulty to him. Dev Rishi tells him to help him then but Prabhu tells him it should happen on its own but if doesn’t then finally will help him.
Vishwakarma stops chanting & also using tools without making any voice while Raja’s wife wonders what has happened but Raja stops her for doing anything with the door.
Prabhu finally uses his powers to bring some muddy storm affecting Vishwakarma’s eyes & he falls down while hearing his sound Raja’s wife is scared & opens the door which makes Vishwakarma vanish & the Idol’s covered with cloth.
Raja’s wife searches Vishwakarma but does not find & she opens the cloth finding the Idol’s incomplete without hands & she calls Raja feeling restless & blames herself for opening the door unknowingly but Raja seeing all this reminds that Vishwakarma had told him Idol’s will remain as it is & he praises Prabhu’s wish of these Idol’s & calms his wife.
Prabhu Narayan tells Dev Rishi Narad that you have to go & show them the right path of establishing Idol’s with complete rituals & he leaves.
Raja welcomes Dev Rishi Narad who praises the Idol’s but Raja tells him to perform this establishment of these Idol’s but he instead tells him that this isn’t my work but only that ultimate God’s work who is none other than Brahmadev & Raja is surprised.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th May 2021 17th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Raja says that if Brahmadev himself arrives to complete this establishment then I’ll be honoured to welcome him to bring here. Dev Rishi Narad tells him that for welcoming Brahmadev years & years will pass & if you wish to leave this world forever & come with me to Brahmadev then think about it while Raja falls in confusion & Prabhu Narayan smiles.


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