Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th May 2021 episode starts with Dev Rishi Narad telling Raja that establishment can be done only by Brahmadev who is the decorator of this world. Raja tells him that if this is it then I would love to welcome Brahmadev but Dev Rishi Narad tells him that for welcoming you have to come to Brahmalok along with me & he is confused but asks him what’s difficult in it to come along because I am ready for it but Narad tells him that to think & answer because after returning from Brahmalok lot of years must have passed & all your relatives would had left this world along with this world changed into a very different form hence if you come then you have to meet all your relatives for the last time & Raja is shocked to hear this while his wife is scared about what will Raja decide.
Madhav asks Balarama that what Raja decided then which was very difficult for him to leave his family forever but Balarama tells him that it was otherwise what he thought.
Raja after thinking a lot says that such opportunity comes to a person very rarely & I have got this hence I am ready to come to Brahmalok while his wife screams him emotionally but he explains her that might be its opportunity for you too to take this responsibility of building & making our Prabhu famous in this temple while all others including his brother are too shocked.
Narad tells Raja that before we start your journey of Brahmalok you have to complete the Idol’s of Prabhu with all rituals & Raja asks him how can this be possible & he directs him the ritual process which happens with the help of Prabhu Neil Madhav itself of building 100 wells along with performing 100 Yagna’s for the same & offering the water from those wells to Prabhu with performing Pooja to complete their statues.
Madhav asks Balarama that did Raja could do this & he tells him that it wasn’t difficult for him to this kind of work which he had already shown the ability of building a temple for Prabhu.
Ganeshji tells Pushpadant that Raja kept doing 100 Yagna’s to complete & also built 100 wells from which he kept bringing water to offer to the Idol’s.
Raja did all this on his own & got some help from his family too for completion of this task & finally they performed Pooja singing prayers of Prabhu to set the Idol’s along with completion of the same.
Finally Narad tells Raja that it’s time to start the journey of Brahmalok now & he bids everybody while calms his wife Rani Gundecha explaining her of such a pure work he is going to do & she too assures him that she will also do good work & pray for his safety to complete this journey successfully.
Raja along with Dev Rishi Narad leave towards their completion of goal while Rani Gundecha along with family also leave to find her path.
Ganeshji tells Pushpadant that Rani also found a way out for doing a good work in her life to achieve blessings. Rani along with her family see a God’s stone which Raja’s brother says that this was the stone which showed me the right path reaching towards Neil Madhav & she too feels she’ll get the path here itself for sitting for meditation for well-being of her husband. Rani sees a cave & tells them that I have got the place to sit for meditation with blessings of Prabhu & they all go there while Rani sits on the ground praying Prabhu to help achieve Raja for completing his journey successfully. Vidyapati & Lalita also decide that they’ll be besides Rani to serve her while Vishwasahu also appreciates Rani for getting this opportunity for her towards her husband’s duty & support which will bless her in life.
Narad along with Raja reach on a mountain peak & Raja asks how to reach to that Brahmalok now & he tells him to hold my hand & accordingly they both fly towards Brahmalok.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th May 2021 18th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Raja along with Dev Rishi Narad reach at Brahmalok but Brahmadev tells Raja that his request is acceptable for me & Brahmadev does the work of establishment of Jagannath temple. Ganeshji tells that after Raja returning to the temple after so many years found everything has changed in the world. Raja comes walking near the temple but some guards stop him from entering the temple giving warning.


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