Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th September 2020 episode starts with asoor guru telling shankchur that no normal weapons can do anything to mahadev & he says then I’ll use devik power weapons but that too are useless towards mahadev which gets destroyed by mahadev getting praises from everybody. Kartik tells him you are a fool to use any weapon towards mahadev so he thinks of using vikaal astra weapon but that too is destroyed by mahadev.
Ganesh is trying to explain storm god to release them but he does not listen to him saying shnakchur will take revenge of my father’s death until you will be here only.
Shankchur’s father is telling to use mahadevi’s weapon because no other weapon will work towards mahadev so shankchur accepts advise & takes out the weapon while mata paravati says now this evil using my given weapon & he challenges mahadev that I’ll come near you & fight with you while his father thinks he is doing wrong by going near mahadev.
Tulsi is keeping on praying for shankchur’s safety also watching lighted candle which should not get blown.
Shankchur goes near mahadev & starts his attack while mahadev is retaliating making his attacks fail.
Ganesh thinks the fight must be happening but how to get release from here while walli is telling devsena if mahadev destroys shankchur’s all weapon then he might get killed.
Shankchur challenges mahadev saying now accept your defeat as you can’t harm me with your retaliation & mahadev gets wild saying to stop your words of ego & face my anger now & attacks shankchur with sword as he too is retaliating but gets pushed by mahadev’s powers making him fall down but again gets up to face then too again fails falling down with powers of mahadev.
Mushak explains ganesh how storm god can be tackled & he uses his powers to storm god but fails.
Dev rishi tells ganesh to go fast & save the terror which will happen while mahadev jumps having sword to hit on shankchur’s chest but suddenly mahadev sees krishna’s image in his chest & stops while shankchur gets up thinking because of my tulsi’s devotion I am saved & mahadev prays shri Krishna for getting to see him in shankchur’s chest.
Shankchur challenges mahadev again saying I am ready to fight & kartik shouts him while shankchur explains him the ethics of a warrior who never returns without ethically fighting or getting defeated & mata paravati also stops kartik saying to not to go against ethics of war & shankchur starts using the weapons he has achieved from his meditation so he uses mahadev’s own weapon trishul but paravati mata uses her powers saying a fool can only use mahadev’s own weapon against him & it gets failed then again & again he starts using various other weapons but all fail.
Ganesh says this evil storm god has crossed all his limits while he is laughing on ganesh saying I am really happy seeing your such condition so mushak asks ganesh isn’t there any solution to attack him & ganesh says if he is using his powers wrongly then he himself gets killed by his powers & ganesh uses agni weapon to attack him which makes him stunned but he says see I am as it is & not harmed me but ganesh uses sheetal weapon which affects him & ganesh gets released.
Shankchur thinks before ganeshji takes out the solution I have to attack with concrete weapon now & shankchur challenges mahadev saying I’ll use narayan weapon now & all are shocked while ganesh thinks this should not happen like last time or entire world will get destroyed.
Dev rishi tells Krishna that if mahadev would had used his weapon towards guard then so much destruction wouldn’t had happened which might happen with this while ganesh & kartik too says this might bring destruction & dev rishi also tells Krishna you have to intervene now to save this world as mahadev too is praying prabhu narayan while narayan also watching thinking what can happen. Tulsi is praying for shankchur’s safety continuously.
All are telling ganesh to make is fast for solution to take out how to tackle this situation now or destruction will arise in this entire world.

Precap : 

Vighnaharta Ganesh 21st September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Mahadev telling everyone that I am unable to kill or attack shankchur due to his wife’s ultimate devotion towards him & I respect woman’s devotion. Ganesh takes a huge form of vignaharta & Krishna says now shankchur’s security guard should be taken out then only he’ll be defeated & tulsi’s promise will be fulfilled.


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