Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th May 2021 episode starts with Dev Rishi Narad taking Raja Indradhun towards Brahmalok while Rani Gundecha was under Samadhi for her husband’s well-being & Vidyapati along with Lalita were taking care of her.
Madhav asks Balarama that it would had being easy for establishing Jagannath temple after Raja & Rani achieving their goals it seems?
Ganeshji tells Puspadant that it wasn’t so easy because lots of years passed for Raja reaching at Brahmalok while Rani had also sat for Samadhi for years & years but in that period Vidyapati & Lalita were blessed with a girl child & also after some years their time came to bid good bye to this world hence they told their children’s to keep doing this work & also continue teaching the same knowledge to your children’s too & they assure them accordingly.
Dev Rishi finally reaches near the gate of Brahmalok taking Raja along with him & tells him that now it’s your duty to move ahead & they both go inside while seeing Brahmalok in meditation Raja starts praying Shri Krishna’s name in front of him but Dev Rishi shakes his head. Brahmadev opens his eyes while Dev Rishi is scared but Raja asks forgiveness from Brahmadev for chanting name of his Prabhu but was helpless while Brahmadev understands his concern & forgives him.
Brahmadev tells Raja that he is ready to come along with him for establishing the temple in Jagannath Puri & Raja is happy but Brahmadev tells him that you must be aware that lot of years have passed now & the world you had left behind have being drastically changed taking your seat also by some other Raja ruling there. Raja says that I had chosen this path with my own wish for leaving all selfishness to do good deeds in life.
A Raja at Jagannath Puri is working on clearing the debris after finding there is a temple under it & tells everybody that to do this quickly because I should be praised for discovering this temple.
Raja Indradhun along with Brahmadev & Dev Rishi Narad leave for Jagannath Puri while all the debris is cleared & Raja’s people are trying to open the door of temple but unable to.
Raja reaches there & applies some mud particle of Jagannath Puri on his forehead while Brahmadev & Dev Rishi Narad smiles on his devotion but Rani too gets feeling of her Swami being returned hence opens her eyes finding two young couple in front of her hence she asks that you must be children’s of Vidyapati but they say that we aren’t their children’s but they were our great grandparents hence Rani understands lot of years have being passed but she tells them to take me to Jagannath Puri because I feel my Swami has arrived.
Raja Indradhun moves ahead to go to temple but the ruling Raja’s people stop him showing sword & telling him that no unknown person is allowed to go there by order of Raja but Raja sees the people are trying to open the door which isn’t possible without him hence tells them that I have to meet your Raja whoever it is but they ignore him.
Dev Rishi Narad tells Brahmadev to help Raja now but Brahmadev tells him that Raja is Prabhu’s devotee hence his Prabhu will always be with him to overcome this.
Raja tells them that I can help your Raja for opening this door while ruling Raja hears this wondering who this person is thinking that all credit will be taken by him it seems hence he goes to him asking who are you while Raja Indradhun tells him that I have built this temple lot of years earlier with help of Shri Hanuman & ruling Raja is shocked asking him that are you a fool saying that lot of years earlier & he isn’t allowed but Raja Indradhun comes ahead while his people are trying to stop him & Shri Krishna helps Raja to keep moving while ruling Raja’s people & him too can’t do anything while ruling Raja wonders who this person can be & Raja Indradhun opens the door while ruling Raja is shocked & surprised also.
Raja Indradhun enters the temple while ruling Raja also follows him asking can’t believe but who you are & ruling Raja touches Raja Indradhun getting him the vibes of his earlier incidences of doing work of the temple with the help of Shri Hanuman & ruling Raja bends down to pray him while Raja Indradhun tells him that Brahmadev & Dev Rishi Narad is also along with me here & ruling Raja after seeing Brahmadev praises him bending down asking for forgiveness of doing such a big mistake. Brahmadev tells him that you haven’t done any mistake but actually searched temple clearing the debris which is very good work done by you hence you will be blessed along with all future Raja’s who will take care of this temple always purely.
Brahmadev sits for establishing the temple while Raja Indradhun tells him that all materials are ready hence to start but Brahmadev stops & Raja asks him why aren’t you beginning & Brahmadev asks him where is your wife but he tells him that she might have died long back but Brahmadev asks him think what she had promised you & he remembers that yes she had told me that she’ll wait for my return but it couldn’t had being possible for her but Rani Gundecha comes telling him that I was waiting for your return as told to you & Raja Indradhun is surprised Rani Gundecha is still alive for him hence they both sit for establishing the temple & Brahamdev performs all rituals while Prabhu Mahadev also celebrates happiness dancing for Jagannath temple’s establishment & Prabhu Narayan along with all Gods & Goddesses are delighted to see Prabhu Mahadev dancing & Brahmadev performing Yagna for establishing the Jagannath temple.
Balarama tells Madhav that this way Jagannath temple was established.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 20th May 2021 19th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Madhav tells Balarama to narrate more about the temple but Balarama hears the bell ringing in temple & he leaves telling Madhav that I have to go for Maha Bhog of Prabhu & Madhav is under confusion. Balarama tells Shri Krishna to see how Madhav comes knowing the Maha Bhog is served.


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