Vighnaharta Ganesh 1st July 2021 Written Episode Update


Vighnaharta Ganesh 1st July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 1st July 2021 episode starts with Madhavdas ready with all arrangements for Prabhu to arrive for his food invitation. He also uses the cloth thrown on him by Urmila for making light in Diya to light near Prabhu’s idol.
Urmila keeps all her filled pots of water due to rains inside her house feeling happy & contended of water which will be enough for 2 to 3 days hence thanks God but she immediately wonders why she is praying God instead she herself has done efforts for this but thinks about Madhav who had said whatever efforts she does is the opportunity given by God itself or how will a person get the chance of doing efforts.
Prabhu arrives while Madhav arranges seat for him & also serves food which Prabhu appreciates very much after eating it.
Urmila plans of preparing food but again she realizes that some food is left over of afternoon which she’ll eat & she sees the pot of rice but finds became stale hence feels that it would had being better if she had donated to a greedy beggar but again suddenly realizes why she is thinking this way when she doesn’t like to donate & thinks of Madhav again who had told her if donated then achieves blessings from God.
Pushpadant asks Ganeshji that Urmila was getting intuition of donation was it true & he tells him this is lesson of true devotion each human gets at his certain point of his or her life.
Prabhu praises Madhav of his food preparation while Madhav says that I just forgot Paan for you but next time will definitely arrange or please come tomorrow before Maha-Bhog so that I’ll prepare good food with all 56 items but Prabhu tells him if at all I get only Dal-Kichdi it’s like I have got all 56 items but tomorrow I have given commitment to somebody else hence has to leave now & Prabhu hugs him saying that to not to blow off the Diya’s while he tells him that it’s made of the cloth given to me by that woman Urmila who is liable of your blessings & Prabhu leaves from there but Madhav wonders where Prabhu might be going rejecting my invitation.
Balbhadra asks Subhadra this was great by Kanha but who has invited him tomorrow while Subhadra does not know about it.
Urmila sees lot of Diya’s in her house lighted hence she is blowing off all those Diya’s but one of them remains in middle of her house & she is about to blow that too but sees some guards guarding it hence she asks them who you are while they clutch her soul due to which her body falls but she pleads them to leave her but guards tell her your soul is clutched by us hence you have to come with us & they are taking her away & she is reminding all those things which she had learnt from Madhav that if nothing donated then one day human faces about leaving everything hence she realizes her mistake & falls down but she was dreaming & she wakes up with good thoughts to do in her life.
Madhav comes to market for purchasing materials for Prabhu’s Bhog while he again meets the fruit vendor who asks him the woman is there & I thought you won’t come after getting insulted but he teaches him about true devotion while Urmila comes to both of them & gives vendor the money of fruits taken yesterday while donates grains to Madhav which makes him feel happy about the change of behaviour in Urmila.
Balbhadra asks Shri Krishna how this miracle has happened but he is quiet.
Madhav comes in the temple informing Prabhu that he has brought so much of donation today which he received but his Prabhu leaves from his side & he realizes where Prabhu is going & he follows him while Prabhu enters his woman devotee Karmabai’s hut & Madhav is watching. Karmabai is feeding Dal-Kichdi to Prabhu who is eating happily feeling tasty while Madhav realizes feeling emotional that he was wrong of thinking about Prabhu who loves pure devotion if at all it’s in a poor person’s place instead of shiny things.
Prabhu while leaving realizes Madhav hiding hence he calls him saying you know Prabhu understands everything & Madhav comes out.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Madhav tells his Prabhu that he has realized what true devotion is like this woman while Prabhu tells him you can be of help for her. Madhav watches Karmabai while Ganeshji says due to woman Karmabai’s devotion a new lesson was about to be spread in the world.


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