Vighnaharta Ganesh 1st June 2021 Written Episode Update


Vighnaharta Ganesh 1st June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 1st June 2021 episode starts with Balarama & Subhadra teasing Shri Krishna who is thinking of going to meet Radha-Rani at Vrindavan while Devi Laxmi comes asking him what are you thinking of while he says that Balarama was talking about Moon-Shadow & Balarama also says that he was thinking of meeting people of Vrindavan & Devi Laxmi also tells him to proceed immediately then.
Ganeshji narrates that this way Shri Krishna was trick playing God who did his work through Balarama what he wished of.
Shri Krishna along with everybody comes near Vrindavan while his message of arriving reached to Radha-Rani & she feels very excited about it.
All village people also arrive to welcome Shri Krishna but he is searching Radha-Rani who emerges in front of him after sunset. They both come close together while Devi Laxmi appreciates both of them meeting after so long time, to Subhadra & are so much in emotions which is exceptional to see such a situation.
The whole night passes & still they both are waiting watching each other hence Balarama says that it’s time for having bath now while Devi Laxmi feels now both will talk with each other it seems but Radha-Rani is trying to leave & Devi Laxmi intimates her to speak what she wishes or talk with Prabhu if she feels to but she says that I will be waiting at Vrindavan if Prabhu wishes to come there so that I’ll talk & leaves while Prabhu Shri Krishna feels emotional as she is leaving.
Devi Laxmi explains Shri Krishna to consider the attachment of Radha-Rani with him hence to go & meet her to talk & all three of them leave towards Vrindavan with the help of horse cart but they wait at one point to relax for enjoying the greenery while the horses are released by unknown people. Subhadra notices the horses aren’t there hence expresses that somebody might have taken away but the villagers of Vrindavan come praying & asking permission from Prabhu to allow them for helping to proceed their journey towards Vrindavan & he allows them. They take them to Vrindavan while all are dancing & singing his prayer to welcome him including Radha-Rani who also dances for his arrival. Shri Krishna gets impressed with Vrindavan people’s welcoming hence he blesses them with giving opportunity that all will join his Rath Yatra which will take place from Jagannath Puri to pull their Rath’s always once in a year.
Madhav expresses Devi Laxmi & Subhadra that he now understood that everything happens is only because of Prabhu itself because whatever I felt coming here & that Guala explaining me about establishment of the temple & you both came to explain me in details of everything which is none other than Prabhu himself is doing all this. Devi Laxmi says yes it might be & also tells him that it’s time for us to leave now & he thanks them for making him realize Prabhu’s actual form in this temple & they both leave.
Food is prepared in temple while a checker finds one golden plate missing hence informs his head about it but he wonders how anybody can steal the plate & his people are sent to search.
Madhav sitting under tree while a plate containing bowls comes besides him covered with cloth but also sees some people in trouble outside the temple searching & feels to ask somebody hence he asks one of them in wake of helping them about what’s going on & he tells him that a golden plate with bowls are being stolen from temple so we are searching it & he feels how come theft happening in temple while the cloth flies & the person of temple sees the same golden plate containing bowls & blames Madhav who is taken to his head who decides to punish him inspite of Madhav pleading.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Madhav is punished by temple’s chef head beating him on his back with hunter but Shri Krishna watches & the marks of hunter is seen on Prabhu’s back.


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