Vighnaharta Ganesh 20th April 2021 Written Episode Update


Vighnaharta Ganesh 20th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 20th April 2021 episode starts with Chandrakala with Pundlik at her house. Pundlik is drunk and says my Chandrakala, I can do everything and anything for you. Chandrakala says no, you are just saying but you cannot truly do everything I say for me. Pundlik laughs and says first ask me what you want from me, I did so much for you and can do more.
In the forest, Satyavati, Jaanu and Diwakar are praying to Lord Krishna. They start singing a prayer and do bhajan for Lord Krishna. As they sing a prayer, Satyavati has visions of her son being thrown out of the house and she thinks I am worried for my son, Pundlik.
Chandrakala says to Pundlik, if you love me and can do anything for me, then prove it. Pundlik laughs and says I can give my life for you. Chandrakala says you cannot give me your life and not even your property. Pundlik laughs and says what? You want my property, that’s it? I can do anything for you. Pundlik says if I had a paper now and kalam, then I would write my property on your name and give my sign. Dayakar listens and brings ink, pen and a paper. Chandrakala says then prove it, give me all your property. Pundlik says give me the paper, he takes the kalam which is made of peacock feather. Pundlik looks at it and remembers Lord Krishna and stops for a minute and thinks what am I doing? My prabhu must be looking at me today. Chandrakala then says swami, do it you said you can do this for me. Pundlik smiles and says yes see I shall give you my sign. Pundlik writes in blue ink his entire sign on the paper and says take this dear Chandrakal it is all yours.
Chandrakala takes the papers and gives to her mother and says this is what you wanted right? See I have taken all his property and it is ours now mother. Mother is happy and says I am proud of your Chandrakala. Chandrakala says now we have to do only one more thing, get in Pundlik’s house and once it is ours, everything will change.
Malti is crying to her grandmother and says my husband left me for that woman, but he will soon realize his mistake. I will not leave this house, my husband will come at me after everything. How much time will he live with that woman? Pundlik is drunk and he comes with Chandrakala and her family inside the house. Malti says how dare you come inside our house? Chandrakala says you both will leave this house now. Chandrakala’s mother says this house now belongs to Chandrakal, Pundlik named all his property to her name so get out of this house. Malti says what are you saying? This house is ours and you go from here. Pundlik confronts Malti and says shut up Malti, don’t speak in this way with Chandrakala, she is mine now and this house and everything I owned belongs to her.
Malti and her grandmother are in shocked.
Ganesh says to Pushpadant that Malti and her grandmother were also involved in removing Pundlik’s parents out of the house. They have sinned and they will suffer for their sins.
Pundlik tells Malti and grandmother to get out of the house. Malti is in shock and says I have nothing left now, we shall leave this house. Malti and grandmother leave the house as Pundlik pushes malti away and laughs. He says I removed my parents from this house, so did you think you are special? Malti cries and says you married me but you have broken everything. Malti goes.
Pundlik is drunk and he goes and sleeps. Chandrakala says to her mother, now one last thing is left to do tomorrow and then we shall have all this for ourselves.
Next day morning, Pundlik has dreams and he wakes up. He says Malti, where are you? Pundlik searches for Malti and sees her bangles fallen down on the floor and then recalls he removed them from the house. Pundlik then smiles and says I have Chandrakala now, she is mine. Pundlik goes to find Chandrakala and then her mother stops him and says you cannot go inside. Pundlik says why are you doing this to me? I did everything Chandrakala asked from me, I am going to meet her. Mother says chandrakala is now with someone else and she does not want to meet you. Pundlik is shocked and says how dare she do that with me? Pundlik is infuriated and he storms inside to meet Chandrakala.
Devi Satyavati says I am worried for my son, Prabhu Krishna please protect my son. He is going to fall in some deep trouble. Devi Radha says to Krishna, please help Pundlik. Lord Krishna says I was always ready to help him but he denied my devotion and me and also his family, he created all of this.
Pundlik confronts Malti but sees her with Dayakar. Dayakar is giving a garland of flowers to Malti and says I will do everything for you, you and we will live a happy life. Pundlik says how dare you say this to her? Chandrakala I did everything for you but you took everything for me, why did you do this? Chandrakala says you don’t even care for your own parents and wife, you think I would love you? Chandrakala says this is my house now and you leave this house now. Pundlik gets angry and chokes Chandrakala’s neck and says I will kill you. Chandrakala’s mother gets scared but dayakar says I have to save her otherwise he will kill her. Dayakar hits Pundlik with a vase on his head and he gets unconscious. Dayakar pulls pundlik and throws him out of the house in a ditch.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 21st April 2021 20th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Lord Krishna says I will help Pundlik. He will realize his mistake and change now. Devi Satyavati prays to Lord Krishna and says protect my son.


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