Vighnaharta Ganesh 21st April 2021 Written Episode Update


Vighnaharta Ganesh 21st April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 21st April 2021 episode starts with Pundlik being thrown out of the house by Dayakar. Pundlik is thrown in mud and dirt and Dayakar goes with his necklace back to the house. Dayakar is stopped at the gates by guards and they say you are not allowed inside. Dayakar says how dare you stop me? I was the one who executed all of this and I want to take my share from Ketki bai. Ketki tells guards to throw Dayakar outside. Dayakar gets angry and he is pushed out of the gate. Dayakar says Ketki bai, you don’t know what you have done! You are evil and I will destroy you and your daughter Chandrakala, you will not be spared. Dayakar says I will have my revenge. Dayakar goes.
Pundlik is laying in dirt and mud. Malti’s grandmother comes and she sees him and says what has happened to Pundlik. Grandmother remembers how Pundik was and says what has this boy done to himself? He has become so miserable now. Grandmother says I will help him and I will give my Malti what she deserves. Grandmother goes to Pundlik to help him. Pundlik says don’t touch me, no one will touch me, step away from me. Pundlik pushes away grandmother and he walks away.
Grandmother says this boy, Pundlik has become very egoistic but something has to be done. Grandmother goes to Pundlik’s house.
Malti is at her parent’s house and says father, I lost everything. She cries and says Pundlik removed us from the house. Malti’s father says daughter I understand you are in pain and sorrow. Father says but everyone gets what they deserve and you had helped Pundlik in removing his parents from the house. Malti says father, but I never told them to leave. Father says but you also never told them to stay, you never stopped Pundlik from doing this adharma. The one who removes their parents from the house suffers a lot in life. Malti says but father, they also stole the jewellery and gold. Father says did they really do it? Pundlik’s parents are disciples of Lord Krishna and why would they steal in their own house? Any person who willingly leaves their house can never steal anything. Malti realizes her mistake and how even she had been cunning. Malti says I am sorry father, I have sinned and I wish I had not done any of this adharma. Father says just think where must Pundlik’s parents be now, are they fine and where are they living? Malti realizes her mistake.
Pundlik is sitting under a tree unconscious and covered and dirt and mud like a beggar. A few women pass by and one of them gives Pundlik gold coins. Pundlik wakes up and says I am not a beggar. The woman then recalls Pundlik and she remembers he was once the love of her life, she calls Pundlik. Pundlik remembers her too but goes away and says stay away from me. The woman keeps calling Pundlik, Diwakar ‘s father passes by and he sees Pundlik. He calls him too but Pundlik walks away.
Dayakar goes to Pundlik’s house and hiding behind a tree, he sees Ketki bai locking the house door. He thinks this woman and daughter are going to get what they deserve, I will take my revenge. I did everything and they threw me out like a mosquito from a bowl of milk. Ketki locks the door and throws away the flute of Pundlik. The flute lands near Dayakar. The grandmother is watching everything from a distance. Dayakar looks at the flute and suddenly he sees the entire life of Pundlik. Lord Krishna shows him Pundlik’s life. Dayakar sees how Pundlik was the disciple of Lord Krishna and says what have I done? I helped and destroying this man’s life, my selfishness and greed made me do this to Pundlik and his family. His family has been destroyed and I got them thrown out as well, it is all because of me. Dayakar cries and says Ketki and Chandrakala made me do this adharma, how do I repent?
Dayakar says I want to repent for my mistakes and also help in getting everything back to Pundlik and his family, how do I do it Prabhu? Please guide me, please help me. The grandmother comes to Dayakar and says is it true that you have realized your mistake? Dayakar says yes but now nothing can be done. Grandmother says I will tell you what to do, we will both make this Ketki and Chandrakala suffer.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 22nd April 2021 21st April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Grandmother goes to Ketki’s house and says I will make you both suffer, remember this you have done sins and cannot escape so easily. Jaanu and Devi Satyavati see their son is in trouble.


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