Vighnaharta Ganesh 21st July 2021 Written Episode Update


Vighnaharta Ganesh 21st July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 21st July 2021 episode starts with Tulsidas had possessed his daily routine of pouring water every morning below the base of a tree by which water use to get dried immediately on that place wondering him how this happens & one day Brahmarakshas emerges near that tree praising him saying that it’s because of you I am getting water daily now for drinking or else I was dried for years hence he asks him that as you have given water to me then what you wish which I can boon you but after thinking he says nothing I expect in my life which you can boon me then Brahmarakshas again insists him to ask while Tulsidas says if you can help me meet Prabhu Shri Ram & he apologizes him saying this isn’t possible for me but I know who can help you & he asks who hence Bramarakshas tells him it’s none other than Anjani Putra Shri Hanuman & Tulsidas asks how can I meet him & he intimates him that wherever you have performed Shri Ram’s Paath he was always there in your class & he realizes the person whom he always met eg. in temple, in his class giving suggestions to him hence he leaves gladly thanking Brahmarakshas.

Tulsidas is ready to perform Shri Ram’s Paath but is watching if that person is arrived & finds him in his class hence he asks his friend Shrikant when he came & he tells him before all the people arrive & Tulsidas prays him resuming his Shri Ram’s Paath keeping eye on that person who he feels should not disappear. After finishing the Paath Tulsidas along with his friend are distributing Prasad of the Paath but Tulsidas’s eye is on that person while that person takes Prasad from his friend & leaves quickly unnoticed by Tulsidas & suddenly Tulsidas does not find him hence thinks he mustn’t have gone too far & stops other people telling them to praise Prabhu’s name again & all shout praising Prabhu’s name while Shri Hanuman in disguise sitting under tree also praises & Tulsidas hears his voice & runs to stop him but he doesn’t stop then he utters name of Shri Ram to wait for Prabhu’s sake & he stops. Tulsidas tells him he has realized him but to show him the right path to meet Shri Ram & he explains him to keep chanting Prabhu’s name moving towards Chitrakut & he’ll find him there where he has to perform a ritual near the mountain there so that he is impressed to come for him.

Tulsidas takes blessings from Shri Hanuman & leaves to Chitrakut hence after reaching he also performs the rituals near the mountain but later on he wonders why Prabhu isn’t arriving yet while he sees a Rath from far away moving along with Godly person & keeps wondering who he might be?


Vighnaharta Ganesh 22nd July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Tulsidas is busy scratching Chandan while a child arrives & Shri Hanuman wonders why Tulsidas is busy when Prabhu himself has arrived & the child applies Tilak on his forehead who is none other than his Prabhu Shri Ram in disguise while Tulsidas realizes & breaks into tears to see his Prabhu himself in front of him.


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