Vighnaharta Ganesh 21st May 2021 Written Episode Update


Vighnaharta Ganesh 21st May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 21st May 2021 episode starts with villager devotee praises Dev Rishi who himself is an ultimate devotee of Prabhu Shri Narayan has come to his place & tells him to have Prasad & Dev Rishi says that why not that Prabhu’s Prasad I won’t eat & Dev Rishi is eating the Prasad deliciously served by the villager devotee hence he says that if this simple Bhog you are eating so deliciously then what will happen when you find Maha-Bhog to eat & Dev Rishi is shocked to hear this & he gets up eagerly to have Maha-Bhog at Prabhu’s temple but the villager devotee informs him while leaving that without Prabhu Narayan’s permission nobody is allowed to have the Maha-Bhog including Brahmadev & Prabhu Mahadev too.
Brahmadev & Prabhu Mahadev arrives to have the Maha-Bhog but Devi Laxmi unfortunately tells them that you always come here to have this Maha-Bhog but you are aware that without Prabhu Narayan nobody can have this.
Devi Laxmi serves the Maha-Bhog to Prabhu Narayan while Dev Rishi is watching him eating & feels to have it but waits till he finishes & after Prabhu finishing Dev Rishi goes to him while Devi Laxmi understands why he has come hence she tells her I know that you wish to have this Maha-Bhog & Dev Rishi says not for Maha-Bhog but only to ask of well-being.
Madhav asks Devi Laxmi in disguise that did Dev Rishi could get the Maha-Bhog but she says that is was very difficult.
Dev Rishi tells Devi Laxmi to have rest while he’ll clear the plate & they both go inside while Dev Rishi sees something left in the bowl hence tries to have it which will be Prabhu’s blessings but can’t have it hence Devi Laxmi comes telling him that you can’t have this Maha-Bhog which is not permitted by Prabhu Narayan but he tells her that I wish to have his Maha-Bhog & she tells him to do whatever she directs him to achieve this opportunity while she’ll ask permission from Prabhu to give you this opportunity of having his Maha-Bhog & he does all whatever Devi Laxmi directed him of bringing materials for the preparation of Bhog & helping her in all kinds of things for preparation of the same.
Devi Laxmi in disguise tells Madhav that this Dev Rishi kept on doing for years to achieve the opportunity of Maha-Bhog.
Ganeshji says that Devi Laxmi had assured Dev Rishi of asking permission from Prabhu but she was in difficulty if he’ll allow.
Devi Laxmi sitting with Prabhu Mahadev is under concerned thoughts while Prabhu Narayan understands & asks her what is the problem & she shares her feelings that I have promised Dev Rishi about having your Maha-Bhog but Prabhu tells her that you are aware I haven’t allowed Brahmadev as well as my close relative Prabhu Mahadev then how could you think & she tells him that I have assured him due to your ultimate devotee & Prabhu tells her that it’s your promise then it’s mine too hence I allow him & Devi Laxmi happily informs Dev Rishi but tells him that this should not be disclosed to anybody & Dev Rishi promises becoming very delighted having the Maha-Bhog & left over particles he takes into a small bowl to eat on his way & she allows him but again reminds about of not disclosing.
Dev Rishi is happily moving towards the villager devotee’s place & feels should he share this with him but remembers about his promise & leaves from there.
Dev Rishi sees Devraj Indra coming & appreciating about Jagannath temple’s establishment for which all are happy & takes to Kailash to show the celebration of this occasion. Dev Rishi including Devraj Indra & all other Gods along with Prabhu Mahadev are enjoying the celebration at Kailash of Jagannath temple’s establishment. Prabhu Mahadev asks Dev Rishi that will you find such enjoyment anywhere & he tells him that yes I have found hence Prabhu Mahadev asks where & finally he discloses that in Prabhu Narayan’s Maha-Bhog which I had before coming here & Prabhu Mahadev is surprised.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 22nd May 2021 21st May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Prabhu Mahadev asks Dev Rishi that do you have Prabhu Narayan’s Maha-Bhog & he shows the left over particles which he had lifted in a small bowl & Prabhu Mahadev tastes it. Prabhu Mahadev tells Mata Paravati that without you I tasted Prabhu Narayan’s Maha-Bhog hence forgive me. Mata Paravati complains to Prabhu Narayan that you never allowed anybody to taste your Maha-Bhog & you allowed Dev Rishi to have.


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