Vighnaharta Ganesh 21st October 2020 Written Episode Update


Vighnaharta Ganesh 21st October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 21st October 2020 episode starts with children’s showing how they have written “om” word to rishi gautom while gunesh is thinking now bhutkal & rishi durvasa are about to meet & rishi gautom asks gunesh where is the word written by you which you only demanded & he shows his board also wherein mata paravati appreciates gunesh telling mata ahilya & she too appreciates gunesh so nicely he has written the word.
Rishi gautom tells children’s now we’ll start second lesson of meditating & chanting mantra for mata saraswati which I’ll teach you how to do & which is to be done for 108 times.
Rishi bhutkal after putting bhog at mahaganadhipati’s idol & finishing prayers as he gets up he sees rishi duravasa & warmly welcomes him in his hut.
Gunesh is telling his friend who is sitting beside him that rishi durvasa has met rishi bhutkal & he is asking him what they are doing then.
Rishi durvasa is asking him for food so rishi bhutkal thinks how can I give such tasteless food to rishi but then too he tells rishi duravasa that this food is tasteless which I do not know if you’ll like but rishi durvasa says seeing the bhog kept in front of idol that this how I won’t like which is prasad of mahaganadhipati & bhutkal serves durvasa the food prepared as he finishes prepared food so asks him if you have more & finally bhutkal offers him the prasad left over from mahaganadhipati’s idol which also gets finished by durvasa while gunesh also feels better tasting what durvasa ate & detailing his friend too but are not chanting mantra so mata’s are watching him what he is upto & gunesh tells his friend we are watched by mata’s so let’s concentrate on mantra chanting & starts chanting mantra.
Rishi durvasa completes his food & tell bhutkal that i ate all which was very tasty left nothing for you but bhutkal says that i only wish from my prabhu to show me his form by which I’ll be blessed & durvasa blesses him saying let your god fulfil all your wishes as per your capacity & leaves while rishi bhutkal feels better offering food to rishi durvasa but rishi durvasa keeps taking his taste of food every 15 days as per his oath taken of only eating in 15 days due to his pure devotion towards mahaganadhipati.
Narayan dictating devi laxmi story of rishi bhutkal who was tortured by taking tests from rishi durvasa which finally changed his life ahead.
Rishi gautom is shouting gunesh & his friend that I have told you to chant mantra for 108 times which is not happening from you & which has to do devotionally. Gunesh explains rishi gautom by what way devotion can be shown purely & which has to be done by you too while mata ahilya telling paravati that this is surprising student is teaching his guru while rishi gautom thinks rightly said by gunesh & he meditates devotionally as he sees maganadhipati in gunesh which gunesh shows him & rishi comes to pray him as mata ahilya gets surprised what rishi is doing but mata paravati understands gunesh showed his form to him & rishi gautom explains mata ahilya that you have to see what I saw in him but she says I have only seen that guru praying a child’s feet who tricked you & rishi tells her one day you’ll also get to see what I saw.
Rishi bhutkal becoming pale then too he understands that this test is done by my prabhu which he takes oath that I’ll definitely pass in this too & goes to pick grains taking stick for walking as he losing his energy of not eating for months & rishi durvasa watching him thinking you have to face my test still.
Rishi gautom telling children’s now new lesson is to write gayatri mantra & gunesh feels great saying now the time is to know the truth addressing aslasoor who is also writing that gunesh is not dead & gets happy informing everybody while sindhu comes to see what he has written & gets wild on him telling him you will get punishment but calls his three asoors to go & bring gunesh to him.
Gunesh writes gayatri mantra & shows to rishi gautom as he appreciates him while mata ahilya appreciating gunesh in front of mata paravati as she asks her are you happy now & yes says mata ahilya. Mata ahilya goes to see the arrangement happening for mahaganadhipati’s pooja while gunesh runs taking permission from rishi gautom as he has completed his today’s lessons but mata paravati wonders why gunesh ran away leaving his friends as his friends too wonder how come gunesh left us alone here.
Rishi bhutkal falls down while bringing grains in hut which scatters on ground but again flows & gets into the pot which is admired by bhutkal saying I know prabhu you have helped me so let the test happen & I am ready to face as he enters his hut.
Rishi durvasa sees his pure devotion & finds gunesh behind him so he appreciates gunesh for helping his devotee but gunesh tells him you have taken enough tests of my devotee in which he has already passed then now why still but rishi tells him that I know you have come to tell me to stop this but now only last test is remained which I’ll take finally & rishi bhutkal welcomes durvasa telling him I have already made your food ready but durvasa tells him now today I’ll feed you with my hands as you have passed all your tests who is such a big devotee of mahaganadhipati but rishi bhutkal tells him how can I do this you feeding me as you are also huge avatar & devotee of mahadev but then too durvasa insists him telling you are also a big devotee for whom I am getting this great opportunity to serve & he feeds him with his hands as bhutkal gets delighted.
Gunesh feels happy bhutkal ate food but also feeling hungry while mata ahilya is praying idol of mahaganadhipati in the mean time the asoors are searching gunesh saying if found then will kill him here itself which is understood by gunesh.

Precap : 

Vighnaharta Ganesh 22nd October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :All three asoors come falling down in sindhu’s palace as he gets wild challenging gunesh saying that I am coming while stormy terror hits the ashram shocking mata ahilya, mata paravati as well as rishi gautom & gunesh changing his form in mahaganadhipati.


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