Vighnaharta Ganesh 21st September 2020 Written Episode Update


Vighnaharta Ganesh 21st September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 21st September 2020 episode starts with ganesh coming in front of shankchur & he sees Krishna in ganesh wondering how can I see prabhu in him & what is this happening stopping him from using narayan’s weapon but shankchur’s father is telling him to not to get in gods tricks & do what you have decided so shankchur tells ganesh to not to come in between as you are vignaharta but ganesh sees sun setting slowly so he tricks him saying I came here to bless you while all are surprised why ganeshji is helping him but paravati mata tells everybody that ganesh using his brains to make him stop by ending the day after sunset & all feel great about ganesh.
Ganesh is discussing with shankchur about ethics of war & tells him to see behind as sun is setting & now to end the day as per ethics of war because you won’t achieve anything if you use narayan’s weapon after sunset while his father is forcing him to not to fall pray by ganesh’s talks & use the weapon but he stops using the weapon & kartik praises ganesh’s smartness while shankchur’s father blames him saying why you allowed ganesh to become vignaharta.
Krishna smiles while dev rishi praises ganesh but says still he’ll use tomorrow so how to stop him then?
Kartik is discussing with ganesh about how to tackle tomorrow but ganesh is telling him the truth behind shankchur who is having boons & mahadev tells kartik he is having guard of Krishna & kartik understands that’s why mahadev could not hit him.
Shankchur is taking prayer’s blessings from tulsi appreciating her devotion towards him.
Ganesh is also telling that he is having the ultimate power of tulsi who is meditating for him with her prayers which is making him secured always & mahadev accepts what ganesh is telling.
Shankchur is praising tulsi’s meditation which is saving him that’s why mahadev could not hit me.
Kartik asks mahadev what kind of war this is if we can’t kill him & mahadev tells him I can’t go against ethics of war as well as his secured boons which he has through a woman too because tulsi’s meditation i can’t disturb.
Shankchur’s father tells him you allowed ganesh to become vignakarta now from vignaharta so now you need to be more alert. Shankchur says now I can’t see tulsi in so much pain so tomorrow I’ll use narayan’s weapon & make tulsi free from this pain.
Kartik & mata paravati tells ganesh that now you can only take out the solution for this while ganesh thinks all are depending on me only for solution & form of vignaharta emerges with brahmadev to advice narayan of taking away his wish towards shankchur but narayan is in confusion asking how can I do this which is difficult for me & also wrong against tulsi’s wish granted but vignaharta gives solution how to execute plan.
Vignaharta also advising ganesh how to execute plans accordingly to disturb meditation of tulsi as well as to make krishna take back his guard through narayan.
Krishna feeling pained falling tears from his eyes & feeling of usage of his guard wrongly towards gods from shankchur while shankchur goes to pray water then narayan comes in form of rishi & talks with him while shankchur prays rishi asking what you wish tell me & he tries to tell him to give him the guard but shankchur itself tells him I know you want my krishna’s guard but first to come in your original form & narayan emerges in original form asking him to give him back krishna’s guard & he tears open from his body & gives it to narayan saying I am not worth this guard of whose mahadev too has respect that’s why he did not hit seeing this guard & may be then only the war will happen in balanced way because I only attacked mahadev but mahadev never attacked me due to this then too I am blessed with my wife tulsi’s meditation which nobody can squeeze from me & narayan fells happy but blesses him some other boon.
Ganesh gets signal of shankchur giving back the guard to narayan & kartik praises his brains in resolving this solution too.

Precap : 

Vighnaharta Ganesh 22nd September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Narayan enters shankchur’s bhawan in disguise of shankchur to disturb tulsi’s meditation as tulsi ends her meditation while mahadev shoots his weapon & the light of candle gets blown off in tulsi’s prayer plate.


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