Vighnaharta Ganesh 22nd April 2021 Written Episode Update


Vighnaharta Ganesh 22nd April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 22nd April 2021 episode starts with Ganesh telling Pushpadant that Pundlik had now become egoistic and his anger and frustration was the only thing he had.
Grandmother enters Ketki and Chandrakala’s house and she screams in anger. Grandmother says come out you evil woman Ketki, come and face me! I will take revenge for what you have done to Pundlik and his family. Ketki appears with her guards and says woman, you are standing in my house and you can do nothing to me. Grandmother says you and your daughter so cunningly trapped Pundlik in your tricks, you made him an alcoholic and took everything away from him, his family, his property and jewels, everything! But today I will promise you, I will take back everything that you took from us and you both will be punished. Ketki says what will you do? Will you beat me with that stick of yours? Grandmother smiles.
Dayakar sneaks inside Ketki’s house from a window and he goes in the treasure room to search for the property papers. Chandrakala goes to check the treasure room and their house to see if anything odd is happening. Dayakar is searching in all papers, he checks for the property papers but suddenly sees Chandrakala checking everywhere. Dayakar goes and hides under the bed and says I have to stay here until she goes. Dayakar then sees the treasure box which has the property papers. Chandrakala checks around for some time but goes outside to meet Ketki.
Dayakar opens the treasure box and finds the property papers. He gets happy and says these are the papers I was finding. Dayakar then jumps out of the window as his servant waits for him outside.
Ketki takes a stick in her hand and says I will beat you with this, go away from here. Grandmother smiles and says you can do nothing to me. Ketki tries attacking grandmother but she dodges. Ketki says it feels like you are just stalling me here and doing nothing. Grandmother smiles.
Dayakar gets the papers and he says loudly, I have the flowers! Grandmother gets the sign and thinks I was waiting for this sign, I shall go now. Ketki tells her guards, throw this grandmother out of this house. Grandmother says stop it, I will go myself. Grandmother walks away. Ketki thinks if she did nothing here then why did she come here?
Pundlik is speaking with his uncle. Uncle says Pundlik look at yourself, what have you done to yourself and your family. You have insulted your parents and they had to go through so much because of you. Now you shall realize your mistake. Pundlik says even you are saying the same thing to me, I don’t need you or anyone’s help. Just go away. Uncle says Pundlik try to understand, now leave this town and go far away where no one knows you, now you have done such sins that you cannot even repent for your mistake, live a life elsewhere and pray to Lord Krishna, try to ask for forgiveness. Pundlik says don’t teach me anything, I will not leave this town and I will see whoever tries to throw me out of this town. Pundlik walks away all miserable. He goes and starts finding water to drink but cannot find any. Pundlik is weak and thirsty and he falls down in dehydration. Lord Krishna says he is my disciple and how much ever wrong a person does, I cannot be harsh to them entirely! Pundlik sees a river in front of him and he starts drinking water from it.
Pundlik goes to his house and goes and sleeps outside its doorstep and says this house is mine, I will not go from here ever. Pundlik sleeps there.
Ketki and Chandrakala are in front of the village council. Grandmother is there too and she accuses them of taking away everything from her Grandson in law Pundlik. Ketki says no she is lying, we have the proof to this house and all property. All the villagers are there and grandmother says Pundlik was a very dharmic person who prayer to god and loved his family but these two women trapped him, made him alcoholic and took all his property, gold and jewels and now he is left miserable. Grandmother says ask anyone in the village. The people say yes, Pundlik is now left to fend for himself. The village council agree and grandmother says I even have the property papers now, the property belongs to Pundlik and us.
Ketki is shocked and she quietly says to Chandrakala, that is why this woman came to our house but how did she get the papers? Dayakar comes and says he got all the papers when he sneaked in the house, because you both did this adharma and trapped Pundlik in your tricks. I got the papers and gave it to grandmother, because everything you have stolen shall be given back to them and you both have to be punished. The village council hear both the parties.
Pundlik is sleeping outside his house and all people talk and says see this is what happens when you do adharma. Pundlik’s parents went to tirth yatra and their son has sold everyone and become a beggar now, I don’t believe this could happen. All people talk and Pundlik is ashamed of himself, he thinks how will I even speak to myself about my condition now, I lost everything! Pundlik says I will leave this town. Pundlik goes away and as he leaves the town, in the forest he sees a beautiful woman walking with a pot of water. Pundlik is mesmerized by her beauty and follows her.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd April 2021 22nd April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Pundlik enters the house of the three beautiful women and he sees them and says you look so beautiful! I cant keep my eyes off you. The women tell Pundlik to leave and they feel unsafe. Pundlik says I want to touch you. Lord Krishna watches in despair!


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