Vighnaharta Ganesh 22nd September 2020 Written Episode Update


Vighnaharta Ganesh 22nd September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 22nd September 2020 episode starts with narayan blessing shankchur with power & resistance & also telling him I have taken away your Krishna guard which was wrong but I also boon you with me calling as butter thief in my next birth whom you’ll meet.
Shankchur becomes satisfied with what he has got from narayan while dev rishi asks what kind of attitude is this now of shankchur while krishna explains him now he has become actual asoor son.
Ganesh thinks now to look into tulsi’s meditation while tulsi is meditating strongly.
Narayan thinks now only one resolution left that to disturb meditation of tulsi & also thinks saying tulsi is my ultimate devotee so I can’t do wrong against you but I am helpless.
Ganesh sees shankchur moving ahead in battlefield while thinks that this rath will kill him now.
Shankchur attacks while his horses break open & run ahead as his rath falls down but then too he isn’t losing faith in himself.
Ganesh thinks till shankchur comes on his rath mahadev will get time to come in front of him while narayan is going on his way to disturb tulsi’s meditation.
Shankchur gets up again to attack mahadev while ganesh thinks till prabhu narayan does his work till time mahadev gets comfortable time.
Kartik tells shankchur to accept defeat but he refuses saying I am not born to accept defeat so easily.
Narayan comes to disturb tulsi’s meditation feeling helpless while shankchur says till my wife tusli is doing her work I won’t be killed.
Narayan thinks now it’s high time to do my work coming out of my helplessness while shankchur thinks is ganeshji trying to bring hurdle in my path & if it is then he only will clear my hurdle & shankchur starts praying for ganesh & all feeling shocked as ganesh feels confused while dev rishi understands his game.
Dev rishi tells Krishna how can ganesh bring hurdle in shanckhur’s path if he prays for ganeshji & krishna tells him narayan has to take decision immediately. Ganesh blesses shankchur & he thanks ganesh while all are shocked to see ganesh blessing.
Narayan goes near tulsi to disturb her while shankchur says now I’ll use narayan weapon & tells mahadev to get ready & here narayan is nearing tulsi while shankchur is ready to shoot weapon as ganesh is confused still prabhu narayan hasn’t done his work of disturbing tulsi & mahadev brings down his sword telling shankchur that I can’t attack your weapon & shankchur is about to shoot but narayan calls tulsi & she stops meditation seeing shankchur calling her & she is praying narayan in disguise of shankchur while shankchur gets signal that his tulsi’s meditation is disturbed & also ganesh signaling mahadev as mahadev gets ready with is weapon & as tulsi bends down to pray shankchur then she understands it’s not his swami seeing his feet & she also understands that she was cursed by radha in her last birth but she is cursing narayan saying whoever you are but you have done wrong by fooling me & misusing your powers while mahadev shoots his weapon cutting shankchur’s neck & the lighted candle blows off. Tusli becomes angry & runs towards shankchur weeping & crying.
Tulsi asks narayan who are you & he tells his identity which she is unable to believe & he shows himself for her so she keeps cursing him for doing wrong against her devotion towards him too & she curses him for killing shankchur saying you too become stone now because you did this stone heartedly & narayan calms her telling her the truth why he did due to helplessness because the path was moving unethically in this war while ganesh too explains her to remember what she had got curse of radha in her last birth as shankchur isn’t dead & he has taken birth as per last curse & she reminds all what she & sudama had got curse from radha & shankchur also takes blessings from Krishna so narayan also tells her that your time has also come to get converted into tulsi plant near a sea which will pass through you & tulsi plant will be used in my pooja by this world forever & also plant will get to stay near me getting married to me as your curse as a stone to me will also come into form of shaligram & will always be besides you as a plant.
Tulsi sees shankchur above in the sky getting birth as sudama in his next life & also feels blessed & prays narayan while mahadev too blesses her.
Narayan converts her into tulsi flowing from sea while he makes his part come into shaligram which is brought by ganesh from sea & kept near tulsi plant.
All blessing tusli as well as shaligram together settled near each other.

Precap : 

Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Ganesh is making garland for mata paravati but realizes he isn’t in kailash instead feeling in some ashram. Narayan says now world will understand how vinayak avatar was taken by ganesh.


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