Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th May 2021 episode starts with Dev Rishi Narad telling Prabhu Mahadev that the happiness what I have enjoyed some time back if you had enjoyed then your happiness would had become double hence Prabhu Mahadev asks him what & he tells him it’s none other than Shri Hari Narayan’s Maha-Bhog & he is shocked while all other Gods are surprised to hear this too. Dev Rishi realizes his mistake about disclosing the truth hence tries to hide left over bowl while Prabhu Mahadev understands watching his scary face hence asks him that do you have the Maha-Bhog & he shows the bowl hidden & Prabhu Mahadev tastes which makes him so happy that he starts dancing with extreme happiness & Mata Paravati also arrives knowing about Prabhu’s dance but he stops seeing Paravati arrived & asks forgiveness telling her that I have done a mistake of having Prabhu Shri Narayan’s Maha-Bhog without you & she gets angry hearing it hence says that now all the devotee’s of him will get the opportunity to have this Maha-Bhog. Dev Rishi fells very scared about his mistake while Mata Paravati along with Prabhu Mahadev are going to meet Prabhu Narayan.
Prabhu Narayan feels the intuition of mistake done by Dev Rishi expressing Devi Laxmi about it hence he tells her that sister Paravati & Prabhu Mahadev are angry hence they have to be given surprising welcome now.
Mata Paravati & Prabhu Mahadev arrives while Prabhu Narayan & Devi Laxmi are welcoming both of them with flowers & rose petals flowing on them. Devi Laxmi serves food to them but Mata Paravati asks only this much while Prabhu Narayan asks her what more you wished while Dev Rishi is also watching hiding behind the pillar. Sister Paravati is talking with her brother Prabhu Narayan in taunting manner while he & Devi Laxmi realize their mistake telling her that it’s because of Dev Rishi Narad but Mata Paravati tells him that without giving it to your sister your Maha-Bhog was given to your devotee & your sister’s husband then do you feel this is justified? Dev Rishi tries to leave getting scared of Mata Paravati but Prabhu Mahadev & Prabhu Narayan calls him to face the trouble of his mistake & Dev Rishi comes in front of everybody pleading for forgiveness.
Prabhu Narayan pleads forgiveness & also liable for punishment from sister Paravati & she says that you are already liable for both in which the punishment will be that the Maha-Bhog should be given to everybody. Prabhu Narayan goes inside & brings the Maha-Bhog which he serves to both of them but sister Paravati tells him that I didn’t mean only to us but to those entire devotee’s of you who are also liable to achieve this Maha-Bhog of yours & Prabhu Narayan tells her that if you eat first then only your child will get this hence I request you to have it first & also tells her that in this world the Maha-Bhog will begin from Jagannath temple where first it’ll be offered to you in form of Devi Vimla in your temple then it’ll be offered to me hence Mata Paravati feels delighted & honoured & start eating the Maha-Bhog happily.
Dev Rishi asks Prabhu Narayan that might be this was your plan to spread this in the world while Prabhu Mahadev appreciates Prabhu Narayan’s brains because of why he is that God praised because of his tricky behaviour.
Devi Subhadra explains Madhav that in this way the Maha-Bhog became famous & open for every devotee while Devi Laxmi in disguise also tells him that now you’ll have this Maha-Bhog served to you it seems when you are satisfied with our story. Madhav is still adamant telling her that I had said that you can serve but eating will be my wish hence I won’t eat unless my Prabhu doesn’t come to meet me.
Prabhu Shri Krishna uses his powers for Madhav to get the odour of food & Madhav becomes excited to eat while Devi Laxmi feeds telling him that think it’s your Prabhu’s hands feeding you & he eats it while finds his Prabhu in front of him playing flute happily.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th May 2021 24th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Devi Laxmi as well as Devi Subhadra emerge to show their actual form to Madhav while Prabhu Shri Krishna also emerge to hold his hands & he becomes delighted to hold his Prabhu’s hands actually & resting on his palm.


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