Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th May 2021 episode starts with Madhav after eating the Maha-Bhog feels so blessed of his Prabhu in front of him itself that he gets very emotional & Devi Laxmi asks him what happened & he says that I felt Prabhu itself is with me after eating Maha-Bhog which has so great powers hence I have understood the importance of Maha-Bhog now & he keeps eating while he tells both of them also to eat or he’ll finish the same & they too join him to eat the Maha-Bhog.
Subhadra tells him that once Devraj Indra had also insulted the importance of Maha-Bhog hence he also could not easily get the same & Madhav tells them to narrate this story too. Subhadra tells him that it was due to Dev Rishi Narad who told him that importance because once the place of Jagannath temple was facing big dried terror due to no rains hence no vegetables grew thereby affecting for Maha-bhog preparation.
Raja pleaded Prabhu Narayan to help him in this situation & Devi Laxmi asked Prabhu that how will you tackle this & he says that it is faced due to nature’s affect.
Dev Rishi telling Devraj Indra that some parts of the world are facing dry areas due to no rains hence you need to help in this but he tells him that this happens due to evil deeds by humans insulting the nature so it’s impossible for me to help in this but Dev Rishi tells him that you are aware of Maha-Bhog of Prabhu Narayan which started due to me will get affected which is a blessing to this world & which also can’t be stopped hence to think about it as you also haven’t got the opportunity to have this Maha-Bhog which is earned with great difficulty. Devraj Indra falls in confusion.
Subhadra narrates to Madhav that this way because of Dev Rishi Narad’s words Devraj Indra was alerted & thought to have the Maha-Bhog which is appreciated by Dev Rishi so much.
Devraj Indra arrives in disguised form to Jagannath temple to have Maha-Bhog. Devraj prays Prabhu’s Idol while he gets a blessing flower from Brahman but he asks him where he can get the Maha-Bhog & the Brahman directs him. Devraj sees some people sat for Maha-bhog & he too goes but the flower falls from his hands in wake of having Maha-Bhog.
Devraj sits but he doesn’t get anything hence the serving person tells him he will get one day if it’s in his life to get this Maha-Bhog.
Ganeshji tells Pushpadant & his wife that purety is important for anybody expecting Prabhu’s Maha-Bhog but if anything wrong happens then he doesn’t get that blessed opportunity of the same.
Devraj sees a Bullock-cart mover who is loading Maha-Bhog for his village people & Devraj asks from him but he tells him that this is for his people who are waiting for him & leaves while Devraj follows him but falls down depressingly praying Prabhu that how will her get the Maha-Bhog but that fallen flower comes near him by wind & he feels he had done this mistake towards Prabhu hence pleads for forgiveness from Prabhu. A by passer directs Devraj to go to Anand Bazaar to get the Maha-Bhog which is blessed place & he goes there.
Madhav asks about Anand Bazaar & Devi Laxmi tells him that it’s blessed place where everybody gets the Maha-Bhog there only.
Devraj sees the Maha-Bhog provided hence he too takes from the vendor & Devraj is so delighted that he leaves from there happily but the vendor follows him to pay him but Devraj isn’t hearing him because of his happiness of achieving the Maha-Bhog & finally Devraj is held by the vendor hence Devraj asks him why are you stopping me & he tells him that you haven’t paid by money of this Maha-Bhog for the efforts taken to prepare this but he tells him that I haven’t heard that for Gods Prasad or Maha-Bhog money is taken & I can’t give you but then too vendor is forcing him asking that are you a God & Devraj tells him that yes I am Swarglok’s Devraj Indra showing his actual form & asks the vendor now will you ask me money now but vendor tells him that policy is policy which you also won’t deny but Devraj tells him that without these jewellery on my body I do not have anything hence do you wish to have this but he rejects saying that I’ll be called a thief having such huge jewellery’s then Devraj tells him to ask any other thing or his wish & he asks wish of getting powers to bring rains wherever he wishes & Devraj provides him the wish of bringing rains in the place of Jagannath temple.
The vendor runs happily announcing that he has achieved boon from Devraj of bringing rains but all are fooling with him hence he shows his miracle but rains do not come immediately then the rains fall & all are shocked but excited for rains while the informer informs Raja who is also in trouble of no rains hence Raja tells them to bring him in his palace.
The vendor is sitting in ego of achieving the boon while the guards take him to Raja’s palace.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Raja tells that vendor to show his miracle if really he has being blessed to bring rains so to do it here. The person is praying for falling rains on the palace of Raja but it doesn’t & Raja blames his fake miracle while he pleads Devraj for doing mistake of misusing powers becoming egoistic.


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