Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th November 2019 Episode Start With ganesh thanking mata vishalaxi & god haigreev for killing both the evils while bhandasoor is saying I will take revenge of their killing & is my motive to make their incomplete task to complete & he uses his powers while ganesh is again feeling trouble. Ganesh is telling mata that bhandasoor is again trying to do something & he is shooting his weapon on sky saying addressing devi’s to wait for sometime as this will create havoc & kartik is asking what weapon he has used & ganesh is also saying I too am trying to know & kartik says suddenly how come this weapon has become silent & as the weapon is creating trouble so ganesh understands as the weapon used for water can create floods all over the world which he has done very wrong & what to do now while bhandasoor says to ganehsji that this will create problems for you now & devi is saying this is coming towards us & kartik shouts so ganesh uses his weapon to stop the blast.

Ganesh tells mata to help with your sheetal weapon to stop this & devi’s become ready with sheetal weapon & they shoot to stop while gods & goddesses are happy seeing this while bhandasoor is feeling trouble now. He feels he was falling down & sees image of his daughter & finds blood again of her daughter but again he understands saying I do not have to care of blood but to destroy this whole empire. He uses his powers again but devi’s weapons make the creation silent in ice & brahmadev says this won’t sustain for long & bhandasoor says I will melt it with my weapon & uses his weapon of jwala to melt.

Mata asks ganesh to tell me such solution which does not know by bhandasoor so ganesh tells her only bhandasoor can have this solution so kartik says how can tells us then ganesh tells him I know how to know from him & ganesh takes permission from mata to go there while bhandasoor says I will be very happy by this world getting destroyed.
Ganesh uses his tricks to make him aware of his daughter & he is getting bugged saying I won’t get instigated by this voice while ganehs is trying his tricks in various ways so mohini comes in front of bhandasoor asking him what you have done with my daughter so he tells her you are not true as you are only image in front of me so she tells him I am pulled by love of my daughter here so tell me where she is & bhandasoor is reminding of he killing her & still he tells her you are just my imagination but she tells him I am actually here & you are imagining me still.

Bhandasoor touches mohini & feels very glad telling her you are really here so you go away while she is asking him where is my daughter & he is just getting depressed & she also asks him have you fallen her in any trouble?
Devi is tying to use weapon while kartik says I do not know about plan of ganesh but I have also to do something.

Mohini is asking bhandasoor why are you silent & won’t you like to see me her with all our family & he depressingly saying “family”. Mohini tells him I have come here after a long time to see if she is happy or no then where is she so bhandasoor is cursing himself saying how can I tell her or she will hate me & mohini is still insisting while he says my rashmiprabha crying so mohini asks why are you saying this way or she has not reached here so it means she in big problem. Mohini sees his creation of destruction & asks him you have done this then please stop this destruction of world & he tells her if I could then I would have but I can’t now & tells her that only narayan’s avatar can stop this while mohini was in disguise signals ganesh hiding behind & gets the solution.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap :Ganesh tells mata that now only narayan’s tortoise avatar can stop this destruction of floods in this whole brahmand. Narayan’s tortoise avatar immerges with help of Narayan & bhandasoor is shocked to see what avatar is doing.


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