Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th April 2021 Written Episode Update


Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th April 2021 episode starts with Pundlik crawling towards his parent’s house as he crawls through the forests and hills. Pundlik recalls his love for his parents and his love for Lord Krishna, he has tears as he regrets his mistakes.
In the forest, Satyavati is unconscious in her house. Jaanu and Diwakar try to bring Satyavati to consciousness. Diwakar says Kaki is worried about Pundlik, god knows where he is and in what trouble he has fallen. Pundlil crawls up a hill as he keeps going, unbeknownst of the fact that it ends up at a valley, Pundlik keeps crawling. Pundlik reaches the end and by mistake, he falls down the hill into the valley and screams to his mother for help. Pundlik faints as he keeps falling down. Satyavati wakes up in shock and says Pundlik, where are you? As Pundlik falls down, Lord Krishna appears and holds him and brings him to the ground. A fainted Pundlik rests on the ground and Lord Krishna says I shall never let my disciples and all the living beings of this world feel alone.
Satyavati prays to Lord Krishna, and says please tell me my son is alright. Please prabhu, help me! Save my son. Tell me my son if alright, where is he?
Ketki and Chandrakala are in a hut living in the forest. Chandrakala is upset and has tears. Ketki says daughter don’t cry, only our gold and property is gone, but your beauty is still there with you. Ketki says wherever we will go, you can again use your beauty and trap another one like Pundlik and get all property and gold back! You can do it again, don’t worry. Dayakar keeps an eye on them and thinks Ketki is still evil, she is planning to do adharma again. Dayakar gets angry and comes ahead and says Ketki bai, don’t do this! Don’t you understand even now, god gives a chance only once, don’t waste it! Pray to god and repent for your sins. What you have done has caused the destruction of an entire family. The parents are living in a forest, the daughter in law is living without a husband and the son is nowhere to be seen, nobody knows where he is. Dayakar says repent for your mistakes and he goes.
Satyavati cries and says Prabhu please save Pundlik, tell me where he is. Please prabhu, help my son. Satyavati says to Jaanu, I want to go to my son, please take me to him. I want to go to my son! Jaanu says but my dear, they don’t want us in that house. We cannot go back! Satyavati cries and says I want to meet my son, please take me to him now. Jaanu says okay, we will go. They take the statue of Lord Krishna and Jaanu, Diwakar and Satyavati go. Dayakar watches and feels sad, as the family go. Dayakar comes in their house and in the verandah he prays to Lord Krishna and says if the parents see what has happened to their family and know Pundlik is nowhere, they will be hurt. Please prabhu, show me a way to help them, I want to repent for my sins. Show me a way Lord!
Pundlik wakes up and he sees himself safe and recalls he fell from the mountain yet he is alive and safe. Pundlik starts crawling again to go to find his parents. He suddenly hears Pandits singing a prayer song and says this was the same song I had heard before when I walked the path of adharma. Dayakar comes and he hears the song too and sees the Pandit’s. Dayakar goes to them to ask for forgiveness and falls at the Rishi’s feet. Dayakar asks for forgiveness and says because of me a family was destroyed and their dharmic son became foul! I want to repent for my sins, please show me the way. Dayakar explains the situation and the Rishi says, son, believe in the Lord. The lord forgives everyone, you have to be devoted to him and faithful. Dayakar says I will do my karma, and do anything you say. Pundlik hears this and says it means even my parents may forgive me, I have to do my karma and find them first. I have to repent for my mistakes too. Pundlik cries.
Jaanu and family walk towards the village to meet Pundlik. Pundlik thinks if my parents go back home, they wont find anyone there, what do I do? I am worried for them. Pundlik keeps crawling.
Pushpadant says to Ganesh, Pundlik finally stepped on the path of dharma. Ganesh says yes, he did. He went to find his parents and repent for his mistakes. He wanted to put everything back to what it was and do right by karma.
Pundlik crawls and he finds the footsteps of his mother. He starts following them as he says my mother is close, I shall find them. Pundlik crawls.
Satyavati and the family stop for rest as satyavati is tired. There, Malti is finding everyone in the forest and says I helped in removing Pundlik’s parents out of the house, I want to find them, I have done a grave mistake.
The rishi’s are singing the prayer song, Dayakar becomes one of them as he walks with them singing the song and becomes a sanyasi. Dayakar then sees Malti in the forest, he is happy. Malti says I will fall in the feet of my parents in law and I will ask for forgiveness, I will serve them all my life.
Dayakar finds Malti and speaks to her. He says Devi, you must be angry looking at me but I am not that Dayakar anymore, I have changed and follow dharma. I have realized his mistake and I want to ask for forgiveness from you, please take this holy water and if possible please forgive me. Malti says we all have done mistakes Dayakar, even I want to repent and ask for forgiveness from my parents in laws. Dayakar says I know where they went, they are going towards the village, go and follow them. Malti goes and says this is the route dayakar told me about, I will find my in laws here, Malti goes.
Pundlik crawls through mud and dirt water, he says my only goal is to serve my parents all my life now. As Pundlik crawls through wet mud, he slips downhill but keeps trying again. Lord Krishna sees his motivation and feels sad for Pundlik but he feels content as Pundlik is trying to make amends for his mistakes. As Pundlik keeps crawling, his hands are stuck in the wet mud, he recalls the time he stood in wet mud praying to Lord Krishna. Pundlik says first I have to pray to my prabhu and Lord Krishna, he will help me! I have to pray to him and be his disciple as I was before. Pundlik prays to Krishna to help him and he keeps crawling as he sings a prayer song for Lord Krishna.
As Jaanu, Satyavati and Diwakar walk through the forest, they hear the prayer song. Jaanu stops and says Devi, this voice is of Pundlik. Everyone start finding him. Diwakar says Pundlik is here somewhere. Lord Krishna has tears.
Jaanu, Satyavati and Diwakar try finding their son. Pundlik has come near his family but he is tired and out of breath. Pundlik faints, then he hears the prayer of the Rishi’s and he wakes up with his remaining strength and is able to see his parents. Pundlik calls them as he cries. Pundlik tries crawling more, he goes ahead and calls his parents again. They finally see Pundlik on the ground. Pundlik smiles as everyone is shocked and he faints looking at his parents and the statue of Lord Krishna.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 27th April 2021 26th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Malti faints in the forest. Jaanu and Satyavati try to wake up Pundlik and give him water to drink. Diwakar gives water to Pundlik.


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